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Goodway Technologies offers a variety of HEPA industrial vacuum cleaners. These systems deliver incredible filtering performance and come in a variety of configurations to meet virtually any cleaning need you have. Use for cleanup of sensitive areas, lead dust particles, silica dust cleanup and more. Goodway HEPA industrial vacuums filter 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns.


The BPV-100-H Backpack HEPA Vacuum offers superior filtration in a compact package. It is easy to carry and ideal for critical cleaning in areas where using a large HEPA vacuum would be difficult. Electric 110V & 230V, Dry Only, 2.5 Gallon Capacity

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Ideal for the dry food processing industry, our stainless steel DV-3-SSH Food Processing Vacuum features three heavy-duty motors that deliver an airflow of 286 CFM and 81" of static water lift. This grounded, rugged vacuum is available with a variety of accessories.


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The unique DV-AH Air Powered Dry HEPA Vacuum combines a powerful venturi with an ultra-efficient HEPA filter, for extreme fine particle recovery applications. System extends the life of the HEPA vacuum filter - 99.99% efficient at 0.3 microns.

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The DV-M2 Heavy-Duty Industrial Vacuum is perfect for manufacturing, powder coating and many other industrial applications. System uses 21.53 square feet of filter material that is pulled and pleated into pockets, drastically increasing the surface area of the filter and providing maximum filtration of fine particles.

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DVC-Z75 is a powerful, continuous duty, high-capacity vacuum with smaller footprint and easy-roll portable features. This dry only vacuum operates on a 4.5 HP motor, includes a 20 Gal. collection tank and is ideal for recovering plastic dust, PVC powder, resins, metal shavings in manufacturing areas, and more.

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The EV-30H Dry HEPA Vacuum is the unit of choice for commercial dry-only fine particle recovery applications. It produces a lift of 90" and an air displacement of 115 CFM. It features a three stage filtration system that delivers 99.97% filtration at 0.3 microns!

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