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Backpack Industrial Vacuums

Sometimes you just need to clean in tight spaces, or areas where a traditional industrial vacuum just doesn't do the job. Goodway backpack style industrial vacuum cleaners offer the power of upright vacuums in a compact and convenient form for ultra portable cleaning. 


The BPV-100 Backpack Vacuum offers superior mobility in a comfortable, easy to carry package. It is ideal for cleaning congested areas, stairs, aisles, seats, shelving and other applications where using upright or canister vacuums would be cumbersome.

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The BPV-100-H Backpack HEPA Vacuum offers superior filtration in a compact package. It is easy to carry and ideal for critical cleaning in areas where using a large HEPA vacuum would be difficult. Electric 110V & 230V, Dry Only, 2.5 Gallon Capacity

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