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Commercial, Pump-out Wet HEPA vacuum

Pump Out
  • Overview

    Product Overview

    The DV-802WD industrial vacuum is designed for heavy-duty plant applications that demand high performance, portability and high volume liquid transfer, all in a convenient 115V model.

    This model features industrial strength motors, HEPA filtering, stainless steel construction, and two high powered motors can be run independently, delivering power to pick up a variety of wet debris. However, this unit really shines in large volume environments where it boasts a 82” water lift that picks up liquids fast, and a 79 GPM integrated pump out system that eliminates the need for transfer tanks.

    What's Included

    DV-802WD Includes: Commercial, pump-out wet HEPA vacuum, 115V, including 26 gallon capacity (wet), internal pump (79 GPM) and pump out hose (30 ft.).

  • Features & SpecsFeatures

    Product Features

    • Dual heavy-duty motors - strong suction
    • High-volume Pump-Out - 79 GPM moves liquids quickly
    • HEPA filtering - Safer exhausting
    • Liquid shut-off - prevents overflow
    • Large capacity tank - longer times between pumo-outs
    • Uses 1-1/2" hoses and accessories - versatile
    • Motor Power: 2.4 HP (total)
    • Input Power: 17 amps,115v, 50/60Hz AC
    • Power Supply Cord: 30', 10-3
    • Static Water Lift: 82"
    • Air Displacement: 144 CFM
    • HEPA filters
    • Wet Capacity: 26 gallons
    • Reverse pump-out system: 79 GPM
    • Weight: 108 lbs

    Product Support

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