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Heavy-Duty Dry Steam Cleaner w/Twin Boilers

  • Overview

    Product Overview

    A favorite for cleaning and sanitizing dry cleaning production areas in food, beverage, and manufacturing plants. Use to remove soils, bacteria, and allergens on conveyor belts, sorting machines, packaging systems, gearing and chains, and all production surfaces. The GVC-18000 is a commercial heavy-duty, industrial three-phase dry steam cleaner that is compact, maneuverable, and very powerful.

    What is dry steam? Dry steam is regular steam that has been superheated and delivers all the cleaning and sanitation power of steam but with much less moisture (adjustable 5%-15% moisture volume). Dry steam can be safely used in dry-clean environments or areas where wet cleaning is not recommended.

    Use for:

    • Production system surface cleaning includes belts, packaging machinery, sorting systems, belt mechanisms, final part cleaning, and many other surfaces.
    • Removal of gross soils, oil, and for allergen control
    • Also designed for use with Goodway conveyor belt cleaning systems for flat and module belting.

    Two stainless steel boilers heat up tap water from a 10.4-gallon tank, producing continuous dry steam with a variable output pressure of 0-145 PSI and an output temperature of 290°F. It obliterates oils, dirt, allergens (like nuts and sesame seeds), and bacteria on contact.


    Twin boilers create steam incredibly quickly and give more consistent quality steam and pressure. This unit produces continuous steam at 7-9 gallons per hour. The unit comes equipped with hoses and vapor-steam gun and attachments, as well as two chemical tanks for cleaner injection. Works great alone or with our portable or fixed conveyor belt cleaning systems. A simultaneous vacuum option is available for advanced cleaning.


    What's Included

    GVC-18000 Twin Boiler Heavy-Duty Dry Steam Cleaner includes:

    Heavy-Duty Dry Steam Cleaner with two boilers, 480 V, 60 Hz AC, three-phase (other power configurations available), 33' hose with a pistol grip, and two soap containers. 

    Complete accessory kit including One 20" wand, one 40" wand, four 2-1/4" circular nylon brushes, four 2-1/4" circular brass brushes, four 2-1/4" circular stainless steel brushes, four 1-1/2" circular nylon brushes, four 1-1/2" circular brass brushes, four 1-1/2" circular stainless steel brushes, four 1" circular nylon scrubbing brushes, four 1" circular brass scrubbing brushes, four 1" circular stainless steel scrubbing brushes, one pair high temp gloves, one close-range nozzle, one accessory bin, two side panel keys, and safety glasses.

  • Features & SpecsFeatures

    Product Features

    • Ultra low-moisture dry steam generator
    • Stainless steel construction - Long life
    • In operation refillable water tank - Continuous steam
    • Continuous fill hose connection - Never stop
    • Two stainless steel boilers - No depressurization needed after use
    • Adjustable moisture content - 5-15% Water content.
    • Chemical-injection - Additional cleaning power
    • Multiple cleaning tools - Ideal for flat surfaces, cracks, and crevices
    • Simultaneous vacuum option - Better cleaning
    • CE Certified
    • Input Power: 230V, 480V, 575V, and other configurations available.
    • Water Tank: 10.4 gallons
    • Chemical Tanks: Two 1.3 gallons
    • Boilers: Two, 2.4 gallons each
    • Output Steam Pressure: 0-145 PSI
    • Output Steam Temperature: 290°F
    • Dimensions: 44" high x 28" wide x 41" deep
    • Weight: 194 lbs net dry

    Product Support

    Visit our support section for more information.

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