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Commercial Vapor-Steam Cleaner With Vacuum

  • Overview

    Product Overview

    For power, portability, and versatility, the GVC-1502-VAC commercial dry steam cleaner with an integrated vacuum is a great choice. The system includes powerful continuous steam production at 290F and an integrated wet vacuum for residual moisture extraction.

    Use this commercial steam cleaner to clean and sanitize many production and general surfaces in various environments. Use it to remove dirt, grease, oils, gum, sticky substrates, and more—all without chemicals and large volumes of water.

    The secret is in the ultra-hot vapor steam. Its natural properties explosively loosen dirt, grease, and grime. It doesn’t just clean. It also sanitizes your work surfaces. The high heat of the GVC-1502-VAC commercial steam cleaner kills bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew, and other microorganisms within seconds.

    An assortment of cleaning tools is included to suit a range of applications. 

    What's Included

    GVC-1502-VAC Commercial Dry-Vapor Steam Cleaner includes:

    • GVC-1502-VAC Vapor-Steam Cleaner with 1,800 W boiler, 115 V, 50/60 Hz
    • 10' hose with a pistol grip
    • Included accessory kit contents: Two-piece 38" wand, 11" floor brush, 5" triangular brush, 9-1/2" squeegee tool, 6-1/2" curved lance, 2" circular nylon brush, three circular nylon scrubbing brushes, three circular copper scrubbing brushes, and three circular stainless steel scrubbing brushes.
  • Features & SpecsFeatures

    Product Features

    • Commercial steam cleaner - Heavy-duty
    • Stainless steel construction - Long life
    • In operation refillable water tank - Continuous steam
    • Stainless steel boiler - No depressurization needed after use
    • Adjustable dry vapor-steam pressure - Matches application
    • Integrated wet vacuum - Leaves surfaces clean
    • Multiple cleaning tools - Ideal for flat surfaces, cracks, and crevices
    • CE Certified
    • Input Power: 15 amps, 115 V, 50/60 Hz AC Maximum 1,800 W
    • Hose: 15.5' (4.6m)
    • Water Tank: 1.3 gallons
    • Boiler: 0.6 gallons
    • Output Steam Pressure: Adjustable, 0-90 PSI
    • Output Steam Temperature: 290F
    • Vacuum Capacity: 1.3 gals (5 liters)
    • Vacuum Lift: 68"
    • Dimensions: 36 1/2" high x 15" wide x 24" deep
    • Weight: 62 lbs net dry

    Product Support

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