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Industrial Vacuum, Dry, HEPA, CoilVac

  • Overview

    Product Overview

    The CoilVac® Dry HEPA vacuum is so effective at removing heavy deposits from HVAC coils, you'd swear it was a water-based cleaner if you didn't know better. Use it on evaorporator coils, PTAC,s heater coils and more. Not only does a 4 HP motor provide you with powerful suction action, but it also doubles as a blower with two speeds in either setting. How's that for versatility? This reliable HEPA cleaner with a four-stage filter allows only safe air to pass through its exhaust. It also includes a variety of accessories designed for every tight corner and hard-to-reach space you're likely to encounter. An optional Dolly Mounting Kit makes the CVC-100 the perfect companion for your other quality Goodway coil cleaners, like the CC-140 CoilPro®.

    CoilVac Dry HEPA Vacuum includes:

    CVC-100 CoilVac filters, steel tank 6' vinyl crush-proof hose, two-piece 36'' wand, 19'' flexible extension wand, 3'' dual bristle dusting brush, 3'' long bristle dusting brush, 5'' blower/bulk pickup nozzle, 28" flexible crevice tool, 6'' flat brush and 48'' shoulder strap.

  • Features & SpecsFeatures

    Product Features

    • HEPA filter 99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns - superior filtration
    • Large HEPA filter - long life 2-quart paper filter collection bag - disposable and economical
    • Heavy-duty motor - strong suction and superior airflow
    • Matching intake and exhaust hose couplings - unique design allows for use as a vacuum or a blower
    • Two vacuum/blower speed settings - set speed to match application
    • 58 dBA (at low speed) and 68 dBA (at high speed) - quiet operation
    • Stainless steel tank and chromed end caps - durable
    • Carrying handle and strap - easy maneuverability
    • Custom accessories - tools specifically designed for coil cleaning applications
    • CVC-100a is CE certified
    • Motor Power: 4 HP Input Power: 12 amps, 115 V, 50/60 Hz AC Power (Optional: 6 amps, 230V, 50/60 Hz)
    • Supply Cord: 25', 18-3
    • Static Water Lift: Maximum 90"
    • Air Displacement: Maximum 135 CFM
    • Dimensions: 6 1/2" diameter tank, 18 1/4" long overall
    • Weight: 9 lbs
    • Dry Capacity: 2 quarts
    • HEPA Filter: Certified 99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns

    Product Support

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