Backpack CoilPro Coil Cleaner CC-100


CC-100 HVAC Coil Cleaning Equipment

Goodway’s CC-100 Backpack CoilPro makes your job easier. This unique battery powered coil cleaner is the solution for all your mobile and hard to reach coil cleaning applications. Spray bottles and pump sprayers are simply not effective in penetrating most coil beds. In addition, many “coil cleaner” chemicals can actually damage the coils or create noxious fumes. After a lot of customer input, our engineers have redesigned our unique coil cleaning system, containing all of the features needed in a truly mobile package!

The CC-100 is designed to be flexible. The unit can be used for just about any coil cleaning application. It operates on its integrated rechargeable battery and draws water from its own 5 gallon tank. An easy to reach button controls chemical injection. The combination of our new CC-100, used in conjunction with CoilShine, will give you the cleanest coils you have ever had!

CC-100 Backpack CoilPro Coil Cleaner Includes:

  • CC-100 Backpack CoilPro Battery Powered Coil Cleaner, 0.1 HP, 12 V DC
  • 12 V rechargeable battery with smart charger
  • 10' self coiling hose
  • Spray gun with 18" wand
  • Three nozzles (foaming, flat spray and pinpoint)
  • 5 gallon integrated water tank
  • 3 quart integrated chemical tank
  • 1 gallon bottle of CoilShine coil cleaning solution.

Also available with a wheel and dolly assembly for ultimate portability.

  • Deep cycle 12 V rechargeable battery – Can be used where electricity is not available
  • Integrated 5 gallon water tank – Can be used where a water connection is not available
  • Integrated 3 quart chemical tank – No need to drag along a pump sprayer
  • Chemical injection button – Inject “CoilShine” at a 6:1 ratio
  • 18" wand – Allows for use in tight locations
  • Optional flexible extension – Clean hard to reach coils
  • Three custom nozzles – Matches any application
  • Motor Power: 0.1 HP Input Power: 4 amps, 12 V, DC rechargeable VRLA battery
  • Output Water Pressure: Variable, 40-100 PSI at 0.25-0.5 GPM
  • Pump: Positive displacement diaphragm pump
  • Water Tank: 5 gallons
  • Soap Container: 3 quarts
  • Dimensions: 24" high x 19" wide x 14" deep
  • Weight: 25 lbs net dry; 50 lbs at 2 1/2 gallons water and 1 1/2 quarts chemical (maximum for backpack use); 75 lbs fully loaded (for dolly use only)

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