Coil Cleaning Machines

The benefits of clean coils are well known. Increased system efficiency, better heat exchange properties, and healthier environments. That's why coil cleaning is part of all preventative maintenance for HVAC and refrigeration systems. However not all coils are built alike. Some are far from water and power. Others in remote locations, like cell phone towers. That's where the CoilPro series from Goodway really shines. We have a variety of coil cleaning systems to fit virtually any coil cleaning need like evaporator coil cleaning, condenser coil cleaning and more for residential, commercial and refrigeration coils.

CC-200 industrial coil cleaner
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CoilPro CC-200, Coil Cleaner, Vacuum System w/CoilShine-T

Portable, powerful and game changing. Includes everything you need for cleaning coils.
CC-400HF HiFlo Coil Cleaner for thick HVAC coils
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CoilPro CC-400HF - HiFlow Coil Cleaner

Uniqely designed for on-the-go cleaning of thick, dirty coils. Powerful PSI & HiFlo Technology deliver 400 psi @ 3+ GPM
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CoilPro Jr. Compact Coil Cleaning System

Small & portable, suitable for indoor & outdoor coils. 125 psi @ .6 GPM
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Backpack CoilPro Coil Cleaner

Backpack versatility and ultra portability. Variable psi up to 100 psi @ .5 GPM.
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CoilPro Self Contained Coil Cleaning System

Use on coils inside and out. Integrated water & Chemical tanks. 140 psi @ up to 1 GPM
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CoilPro Wet/Dry Coil Cleaning System w/CoilVac

Our CC-140 with all the fixins, including CoilVac Dry HEPA Vacuum.
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CoilPro Industrial Coil Cleaner

Clean thick coils. Integrated water & chemical tanks. 300/600 psi @ 1.6 GPM.
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CoilPro High Flow Coil Cleaner w/CoilVac

The Pro Kit.CoilPro CC-600 industrial coil cleaner with HEPA Vacuum.
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Industrial Vacuum, Dry, HEPA, CoilVac

Industrial Vacuum, Bullet HEPA Vacuum w/Shoulder Strap, Electric 110V & 230V, Dry Only, Ideal for Dust on Heating Coils, 2 Quart Capacity