PureBelt™ Dry Steam Belt Cleaner

  • Overview

    Product Overview

    The PureBelt™ Portable System conveyor belt cleaner is a fully automated to clean mesh-style, plastic modular, or metal conveyor belts. It uses the power of dry steam to remove soils and obliterate fats, oils, mold, bacteria, and more. Its portable design is easy to use on most mesh conveyor belt systems, and its programmable dry steam patterns allow you to complete control over cleaning and sanitation.

    The dry steam technology removes dirt and soils with very little water and dries immediately, reducing the need for water pickup. It is an ultra-low moisture solution perfect for dry clean environments in bakeries, confectionery plants, and much more.


    The Goodway system is perfect for mesh belts for allergen removal, mold issues, glaze and oil oversprays, bacteria, fats, grime, and soils. Use Goodway dry steam machines to deliver labor savings, increased production times, faster changeovers, increased belt lifespan, and reliability.

    Heavy Duty Dry Steam Conveyor Belt Cleaners Help Your Plant Meet FSMA and Best in Class Cleaning and Sanitation Guidelines.

  • Features & SpecsFeatures

    Product Features

    • Stainless steel construction - Easy cleaning 
    • Customizable design - Fits any application
    • Removes soils, oils, fats, grease, mold, bacteria, and allergens
    • Leaves surface dry and ready for final sanitation
    • Saves up to 98% water usage vs wet cleaning or sprays
    • Saves on labor
    • Portable system for mesh, wire, and others like Intralox brand conveyor belts.
    • Saves labor costs and improves cleaning and sanitation performance
    • Custom solution development and consultancy available

    Product Support

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  • FAQ

    Doing Business with Goodway

    Do you offer on-site product demonstrations?

    For certain product categories, Goodway does offer complimentary on-site demonstrations of our products. Please submit a quote request through our online commerce system or contact a Goodway sales representative to discuss your specific application. We can help identify the products that will best suit your needs. If a demonstration is available, it can be scheduled at that time. 

    Product Information

    Will the JET-4 system clean belts in one pass?

    Due to several factors, like speed or width, the number of passes can be determined with an on-site demonstration or consultation. Usually, smaller width belts can be cleaned with one or two passes. For larger width belts with stubborn soils or neglected belts, three to four passes are efficient. 




    Do I need a different JET-4 System for each belt?

    No, the portability and customizability of the JET-4 allow you to use the same system from your widest belt down to a 10" belt.

    Will dry steam damage mesh belts?

    No, dry steam safely cleans mesh belting without any damage to the belt material.