Portable Brushless Belt Cleaning System


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  • Overview

    Product Overview

    Designed for cleaning flat conveyor belts in dry clean environments like bakeries, snacks plants, confectionery plants, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and more. The brushless dry steam conveyor belt system comes in a portable style unit to clean conveyor belts on a single line or across multiple lines. Speed production times, decrease downtime and increase output.

    • Improves production line flexibility
    • Reduces changeover times
    • Removes fats, sugars, oils, and more
    • Reduces labor time and water usage
    • Leaves belts dry and ready for sanitation

    Perfect for contract manufacturers or those with multiple products and limited production lines. Customize your system to meet your exact conveyor belt configuration and needs. Dry steam produces very low moisture. Vacuum extraction options available for best results. 


    A Brushless conveyor belt cleaning system speeds allergen removal, mold issues, glaze and oil oversprays, bacteria, fats, grime, and soils. Use Goodway dry steam systems to deliver labor savings, decreased sanitation time, and increased productivity with faster changeovers.

    Heavy Duty Dry Steam Conveyor Belt Cleaners Help Your Plant Meet FSMA Guidelines.

  • Features & SpecsFeatures

    Product Features

    • Stainless steel construction - Easy cleaning 
    • Customizable design - Fits any application
    • Brushless system for flat belt cleaning
    • Low moisture solution
    • Vacuum extraction available
    • Conveyor belt cleaning system for flat belts
    • Custom solution development and consulting available

    Product Support

    Visit our support section for more information.

  • FAQ

    Product Information

    Will dry steam damage belts?

    The system will not damage belts and will actually prolong belt life thanks to keeping the belts clean. The belt should be moving and the vacuum on before turning on the steam used to clean the belt.  This ensures the integrity of the delicate food-contact coating. We emphasize this during the onsite demo, our training materials, and especially during post-purchase implementation training for your sanitation crew.

    Will the portable brushless system remove allergens?

    Yes.  The belt enters our cleaning head, where soils and allergens are broken down and dislodged using dry vapor steam technology that runs the width of the belt.  From there, the soils, allergens, AND residual moisture are immediately extracted using a vacuum, leaving the belt completely clean, dry, and allergen-free.  If you are working with allergens or any changeover, we can do a free onsite demo for you where we can get a positive allergen swab on the belt before entering the belt cleaner and a negative swab as it exits to validate the technology on your production line.

    Will the portable brushless system clean belts in one pass?

    Generally, yes. Heavy soils may require two passes to fully clean and pass swabs.  Our fixed brushless system may be better suited for heavy soils as the system cleans during production, not allowing soils the time to harden and ensure a one-pass clean.

    What is the recommended process for cleaning rollers and belts?

    Our recommendation is to always clean the static parts of the conveyor first, including rollers. This can be accomplished using our industrial dry steam generator systems, the same systems that power the brushless belt cleaning systems. After cleaning static areas, then the belt surface can be cleaned with the brushless system. If rollers are getting heavily soiled, consider choosing the fixed brushless system to prevent rollers from getting soiled in the first place.

    Doing Business with Goodway

    Do you offer on-site product demonstrations?

    For certain product categories, Goodway does offer complimentary on-site demonstrations of our products. Please submit a quote request through our online commerce system or contact a Goodway sales representative to discuss your specific application. We can help identify the products that will best suit your needs. If a demonstration is available, it can be scheduled at that time.