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For decades, Goodway has manufactured innovative solutions for power plant maintenance including surface condenser cleaners and BOP cleaning solutions. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Power Plant Maintenance Equipment

Welcome to Goodway Technologies Power Generation home page. Here you will find links to products and information specifically geared toward power generation maintenance professionals. Many power plants are already using Goodway surface condenser tube cleaners for increasing thermal performance by cleaning surface condensers, heat exchangers, lube oil coolers and other types of tube bundles common in the power generation industry. Whether you need tube cleaning birds, projectiles, scrapers or anything in between, Goodway's got it.

Our surface condenser tube cleaner solutions are specially designed and field tested to deliver optimal results in clearing tubes of manganese, iron, calcium carbonate scale and microbial fouling. And cleaner tubes increase output through better heat efficiency and thermal performance which means cost savings to you.

Goodway now offers a customized descaling program. We can sample your scale, provide full information on it's makeup and custom develop chemical and mechanical solutions for removal. Your tubes will be clean in no time.

Goodway is also known throughout the industry for our other lines of maintenance equipment such as industrial vacuums including hazardous material pickup, pressure washers and HVAC maintenance tools like chiller tube cleaners, boiler tube cleaners, cooling tower cleaning, coil cleaning and more. All of our award winning product lines are focused on delivering faster, more efficiency results.

For specific question regarding your needs, call us at 1-800-333-7467. If you'd like a quote on one of our products, simply navigate to the product you are interested and use our Quick Quote system.