The Virtual Experience

Pack Expo Connects 2020

Sometimes seeing is believing. Watch our products live and in action to find your perfect solution. Demos provided by our Director of Sales - Sanitation Division, Evan Reyes. Contact Evan to book an in-person demo - [email protected] 



Changing Over Conveyor Belts During Production

Our Fixed Brushless belt cleaner cleans conveyors during production to drastically reduce changeover times, and in some cases eliminate the need to shut down for a belt changeover altogether. This system works especially well on cooling tunnels. Improve production flexibility, make changeovers a breeze, reduce downtime & labor, improve food safety & quality, and take on new business within existing production lines. If you are a co-packer of bars, cookies, or chocolate you are going to want to see this!

Disinfecting Water Sensitive Equipment with Alcohol

Our BioSpray systems apply a strong alcohol-based disinfectant that will wipe out COVID and is safe to spray directly onto water-sensitive equipment. This also happens to be the perfect food contact surface sanitizer for dry food processing & packaging applications. The alcohol & quat combo flash dries and provides a lethal dose of disinfectant, exactly where you need it, without damaging even the most highly sensitive components.

Sanitation Chamber – Sanitize Small Parts & Tools Quickly & Thoroughly

Our new Sanitation Steam Chamber quickly sanitizes & disinfects small parts & tools in a matter of minutes, ensuring 100% pathogen kill through heat transfer from the steam. No chemicals required, just water. This is the perfect portable option for ready to eat environments where food safety is the highest priority.


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