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Innovation knows no boundaries'—this phrase is synonymous with Goodway Technologies' journey. For more than five decades, Goodway® has been a frontrunner in the industrial cleaning and sanitizing equipment space. It started, like many companies, with a kernel of an idea. Bring unique industrial cleaning products to an underserved market. In this case for intricate heating and cooling systems. Goodway products, through their usability and innovative vision, have made themselves a favorite of facility and plant maintenance personnel worldwide.

Through exposure to a wide range of applications spanning HVAC systems, plant machinery, and hazardous material cleanup, Goodway gained valuable insights into various markets, including nuclear power plants, educational institutions, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities. This diverse experience uniquely positioned Goodway to address customer pain points within specific verticals like the food and beverage industry.

"The food and beverage market was plagued with antiquated cleaning techniques and ready for new cleaning solutions. This included heavy manual cleaning of production lines and food conveyors with spray bottles, scraping tools, and rags.," says Tim Kane, president and CEO. "By providing the industry with unique, innovative cleaning and sanitizing equipment that reduces labor and drastically cuts cleaning times, we yield immediate returns in terms of cost savings and mitigate the long-term risks associated with product contamination."

Case in point, Goodway offers some of the industry's most reliable surface and conveyor belt sanitizing equipment, which includes the PureBelt® automated belt cleaning systems and Goodway GVC-18000 dry-steam cleaners for robust hygiene in food production plants. Commercial bakeries, snack producers, produce processing facilities, and breweries are a few places where its high-quality machines can be found.

What separates Goodway from others is its customer-focused approach, which begins with discussing customers' unique cleaning and sanitation needs and developing the right strategy for meeting them. This includes working onsite with sanitation and plant maintenance decision-makers to establish the most effective method.

Its dry steam products remove soils, grease and oils, sugars, and allergens from production machinery, production lines and conveyor belts, and sensitive packaging systems while preparing surfaces for more efficient sanitizing. It also offers BIOSPRAY® surface sanitizer systems that increase sanitation performance and reduce labor and chemical usage. The patented technology atomizes alcohol sanitizers safely, allowing them to penetrate surface cracks and quickly kill pathogens.

For example, a large-scale producer of baked bread was looking for ways to reduce labor costs and production downtime for their spiral cooling conveyor belts at its facility in Maine, USA. Maintaining high cleaning standards for their spiral cooler conveyor belts was a slow, costly process. Allocating 48 hours of labor time a week and cleaning small sections of each belt at a time was physically debilitating. The client scheduled a free onsite consultation and demonstration with a Goodway Sanitation Specialist to identify the best solution. He visited the facility and demonstrated the PureBelt Modular System conveyor belt cleaner and the GVC-18000 dry steam cleaner.

Implementing the PureBelt Modular System on their spiral cooling conveyor belts reduced the hours needed for cleaning by more than 99 percent.

"When we use the Goodway PureBelt Modular System, we can clean the conveyors on all three spiral coolers in just one day using only four person-hours from set up to take down. That is saving a lot of time and labor costs. However, you also save many hours on the framework by using the steam cleaner. Earlier, we did it by hand, and it never came out 100 percent clean. With the Goodway GVC-18000 dry-steam cleaner, you can clean the framework, so it looks brand new and 100 percent clean," says John Lamontagne, the Aramark/Operations Manager FLM/Facility Services at Bakery Facility in Lewiston, Maine.

Unlike competitors, Goodway provides a consultative approach that garners a deeper understanding of a facility's sanitation team’s pain points and daily challenges. A comprehensive process that enables it to deliver tailored solutions and expected results. By employing its sanitation specialists, it cultivates lasting partnerships through dedicated expertise, training, and support.

Currently, Goodway is tackling many global cleaning and sanitation challenges within the industry. A notable one is the gradual shift from chemical cleaning processes to viable alternatives. Over the last decade, it has devoted efforts to perfecting the generation of super dry vapor steam. This process naturally sanitizes production surfaces with high heat from "dry" superheated steam, instantly cutting through soils and grease and effectively eliminating unwanted organisms. This breakthrough is complemented by cutting-edge automated systems designed to clean and sanitize production lines, resulting in significant time and cost savings. The imminent availability of chemical-free and highly automated systems from Goodway is an exciting development.

Delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to the food and beverage industry, Goodway remains at the forefront of innovation, ensuring a clean and sanitized future for production environments.

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