Four Steps to Preparing Your Chiller System for Spring

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Stamford, Conn. – November 1, 2022 – As many facility managers approach the winter months and seasonal shutdowns for chiller systems, Goodway Technologies is sharing best practices for routine cleaning to ensure HVAC equipment is ready to start back up in the spring.

Conducting chiller tube cleaning increases operating efficiency, reduces energy costs, decreases downtime, and provides more reliable performance from the chiller system.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, chillers can be one of the largest energy users in facilities. This makes it even more critical to ensure the chiller is maintained correctly and operating efficiently. Routine maintenance isn’t always on top of the task list, but the benefits of cleaning can reduce unnecessary expenses when a chiller needs to work harder to reach the desired output.

Steps for Performing Chiller Maintenance

One way to help ensure HVAC equipment is operating correctly is to develop a plan or checklist to stay on track. Goodway Technologies has developed tips to help improve chiller performance.

  • Step 1: Maintain a Daily Operating Log – The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) recommends updating the log four times daily to monitor critical operating parameters that will help raise any red flags or concerns. At a minimum, the log should be updated at least once a day, indicating data like head pressures, approach temperatures, and more. Newer chillers maintain daily log data in their software, so this should be an easy task to check off.
  • Step 2: Keep Tubes Clean – Even the smallest amount of scale or sludge can significantly impact efficiency, adding thousands of dollars in energy expenses. Chiller tubes should be cleaned at least once a year and continual monitoring throughout the rest of the year can help identify if additional cleaning is needed. Goodway has a selection of chemical descaling solutions, mechanical tube cleaning solutions and expert consulting services to find the proper cleaning approach.
  • Step 3: Check for Leaks – It’s essential to check for any potential leaks within the unit, as they impact system efficiency and operation. Leaks also result in hazardous refrigerants entering into the air and can be a safety concern for people in the building or facility. Refrigerant levels can be tracked by using an air-purge time, checking the refrigerant sight-glass for bubbles, and using a gas analyzer to assess all the joints and connections. If you suspect refrigerant leaks, act immediately.
  • Step 4: Maintain Proper Water Treatment – In addition to cleanings, incorporating a water treatment program will reduce the buildup of contaminants on heat-transfer surfaces and help to reduce bacterial growth. This is especially crucial if you operate a cooling tower where bacteria like Legionella can flourish. However, sometimes water treatment is not enough to eliminate things like calcium-scale buildup, and the experts at Goodway Technologies can help identify the type of scale and the applicable solutions for addressing scale in a facility.

Don’t Forget About the Cooling Tower

For facilities that have a cooling tower, it’s critical to include it in a routine cleaning and maintenance plan. Not only can buildup in a cooling tower lead to increased expenses and reduced efficiency, but it can create potential health risks. The development of scale or fouling in a cooling tower creates the ideal environment of harmful bacteria, including Legionella.

Goodway has a variety of chiller tube and cooling tower cleaning and disinfection equipment that make it less daunting to perform maintenance and cleaning. Visit for more information.

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