Creating New Products to Solve Customer Problems

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Goodway President and CEO Tim Kane was featured on CT Manufacturing Podcast "Made in America with Ari Santiago."

In his twenties, Tim Kane, President and CEO of Goodway Technologies got a taste of patenting new products that solved problems he knew he could fix - he never looked back! Over the years, Tim has found opportunities in the industrial cleaning and maintenance market and has used vision and a great team of engineers to build the solutions his customers need, taking Goodway Technologies from zero to 85 patents in the process!

Mr. Kane and Ari Santiago take listeners through the history of Goodway Technologies, the people, the support structures, and the company's DNA. They discuss the who, why, and what questions that have led Goodway Technologies to become a  global leader in innovative industrial solutions for HVAC, manufacturing, power generation, government, and food and beverage markets. 

Plus, learn how Tim credits peer communities like YPO for helping him learn skills to strengthen himself and his business and discover which podcast is Tim's favorite (Hint: It's all about innovation).

Ari and Tim discuss Patents, HVAC, Industrial cleaning, YPO, and Innovation.

Goodway President and CEO Tim Kane is featured on "Made in America with Ari Santiago."