Having the right maintenance equipment in place to quickly mitigate any damage that can potentially be caused from floods to hurricanes and everything in between can help minimize any devastating impact to your people and your facility.

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Stamford, Conn. – June 22, 2022 – Goodway Technologies shares an important reminder to ensure your facility has a severe weather preparedness plan in place as weather conditions continue to be unpredictable.  Having the right maintenance equipment in place to quickly mitigate any damage that can potentially be caused from floods to hurricanes and everything in between can help minimize any devastating impact on your people and your facility.  Extreme weather can approach quickly and unexpectedly, and it brings effects that are typically hard to recover, which is why it is so critical to be prepared if such weather occurs.

First and Foremost - Stay Safe

Floodwaters pose a variety of different risks, and while it’s tempting to immediately take action and move into cleaning mode, there are precautionary steps. Make sure your power and/or gas services are turned off before entering any areas with standing water. You should also wear protective gear such as rubber boots, gloves, goggles and a respirator. Check the area for any broken glass or other materials that may be in the water. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have further information on how to stay safe during all aspects of flood and severe weather cleanup.

Remove Standing Water with the Right Equipment

Once the area has been secured and is safe to enter, use a pump-out industrial wet-dry flood vacuum to recover all of the standing water and dispose of it properly.  Floods present a very opportune time for mold, bacteria, and fungi to develop, so removing the water quickly reduces the chance of accumulation and can help keep your people and your building free of damage and sickness.

The right equipment for the job is crucial to quickly take action.  Standard wet/dry vacuums can handle most homeowner needs, but larger buildings and facilities require additional power and more industrial vacuums with pump-out capabilities, such as the Pump-Out Industrial Flood Vacuum from Goodway Technologies. This allows for continual operation by transferring liquid from the vacuum tank to another vessel, without needing to stop or physically dump the tank. The right equipment can make the difference between a 3-hour job and a 30-minute one so you can continue your cleanup in other areas as needed.

Take Precaution Against Mold

Mold and mildew pose real threats to flooded buildings. The harsh reality of flooding is apparent with each large-scale storm. However, the danger of flood water is realized in the days and weeks after the event when fungal and bacterial growth can accumulate.The stagnant standing water presents the perfect environment for bacteria growth, making any porous materials susceptible. This is why it’s important to have the right vacuum to quickly allow for the removal of the water and prepare surfaces for proper disinfection and mold and mildew control.

The aftermath of any severe weather can potentially be felt for weeks and months.  Ensuring your facility is prepared with the right plan and equipment can help minimize damage quickly and safely.  For more information on pump-out industrial vacuums or other products to help prepare your facility for potential flood and water damage, visit www.goodway.com or call 1-800-333-7467 to speak with an expert.

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