President and CEO Tim Kane Speaks with Baking Industry News on How Goodway Continues to Evolve to Exceed the Needs of the Marketplace

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Tim Kane

Tim Kane, President and CEO, of Goodway Technologies, spoke with Baking Industry News to answer some questions about the company, its products, services, and how Goodway continues to evolve to exceed the needs of the marketplace.

Q: Tell us a little about Goodway Technologies.

A: We are a U.S.-based manufacturer of industrial maintenance equipment and have been around since the late 60s. We service diverse markets, including food and beverage production plants, HVAC and facility maintenance, power and manufacturing plants, and more. Our technology-driven solutions are used by contractors, engineers, maintenance, and sanitation professionals worldwide to perform cleaning and maintenance duties faster, easier, safer, and more efficiently.

Q: How did Goodway get into the food and beverage sanitation market?

A: Moving into the food and beverage cleaning and sanitation market was a natural progression for Goodway, as we were already servicing this market on the process heating and cooling maintenance side. We realized that our dry steam technology could be used to create easy-to-use, extremely effective cleaning and sanitation solutions. It was obvious that there was a significant need for innovative products designed specifically for the production process. These solutions could immediately help food and beverage plants decrease cleaning times and increase efficiencies throughout their facilities.

Q: Tell us about the products you will be featuring at the show.

A: We have created a unique immersive experience in our booth to showcase our surface cleaning and sanitation products in action. We are featuring our latest innovative conveyor belt cleaning systems for mesh and flat belts that utilize the power of dry steam to eliminate allergens, mold, yeast, and other soils. We also have dry steam cleaning systems, specialized industrial vacuums, and BioSpray® Surface Sanitation System. The depth of our product line allows for users to address virtually all areas and cleaning needs throughout their facility. The combination of these solutions delivers immediate ROI due to labor savings and increased production efficiency.

Q. What sets you apart from your competitors?

A: First and foremost, our commitment to our customers quickly sets us apart from anyone in the market. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in everything we do, from initial consultations, to complimentary on-site demonstrations, and post-sales training and service. We consider ourselves as creators; we continue to innovate solutions to help our customers perform their routine maintenance duties faster, easier, safer, and with more efficiency. We have been doing it for over 55 years; we do not see our customers as transactions but as partners in a shared future. They put their trust and faith in the Goodway brand; that means something to us.

Q: How is Goodway addressing the current trends in the industry?

A: The trends we are seeing right now are a brighter spotlight on increased food safety, including the new sesame seed allergen labeling deadline, as well as increased labor shortages and labor costs which have put the need for automation into overdrive. Creating and providing the solutions to prevent food safety problems before they occur has always been important to us. Coupling effective results with the benefit of automation where our customers can see immediate reductions in labor costs is a win for our customers.

Q: How can readers learn more about your company and products?

A: Visit our website,, or call us at 1-800-333-7467.