Goodway's Scalebreak now available in Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific markets


Stamford, Conn. – April 3, 2024 – A year after opening an office in Dubai, Goodway Technologies announces it will now blend its Scalebreak® chemical descaling solutions in Dubai to help better serve the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific markets. The ScaleBreak® family of descaling solutions safely and quickly dissolve mineral deposits. These biodegradable cleaners work effectively to dissolve calcium, lime, rust, and other types of deposits from water passages in water-cooled or heated equipment.

“The presence of scale in your heating and cooling system can have a significant impact on operational costs,” said Tim Kane, President and CEO of Goodway Technologies. “Now that we can blend our chemical solutions closer to these markets, it provides a more accessible and economical solution to eliminate scale and build-up.”

What is scale?

Scale is a type of fouling caused by mineral within a water source that can fall out of suspension and develop on any equipment that utilizes water as a heating or cooling media. Scale can adhere to the surface area and act as an insulation barrier on the heat transfer surface, which results in the loss of actual heat transfer and proper functionality. This means your equipment is using more energy to complete a routine task. When ignored, under-deposit corrosion can develop and eat into the base of the metal, causing tube or equipment failure.

“Scale is a natural occurrence and it’s likely that it will form within your system,” said Tim Fregeau, Director, Technical Sales and Business Development at Goodway Technologies. “Even the smallest amount of build-up can reduce efficiency by creating a layer that impacts the heat transfer. This also increases energy usage and can diminish the effectiveness of the entire system.”

How can you address scale?

Chemical descaling is an effective clean-in-place solution that doesn’t require disassembly of equipment. During a chemical cleaning, descaling solutions are circulated through the water passages of equipment. The base ingredients in the chemical solution penetrate the scale deposits and dissolve them into a liquid suspension.

Goodway’s ScaleBreak® Liquid Descaler is an industrial solution for removing scale deposits that is easy to use and effective. It is not a "one formula meets all" approach, which can damage sensitive underlying metals. Instead, the ScaleBreak®  family of products includes a variety of specific formulations to match the descaling blend best suited for your specific applications and base alloys. Goodway's advanced descaling formulas efficiently and safely remove scale deposits and re-establish operational efficiencies. 

Sometimes scale just isn't what it seems. The different types of scale that affect one facility could be completely different from the scale found plaguing equipment in another facility. Scale can include a variety of minerals that require a customized approach to cleaning, which is why Goodway offers consulting services based on lab-driven results to determine how you need to approach the scale.

While routine maintenance is recommended, operational logs can help monitor equipment and identify any red flags. Most pieces of equipment have some form of efficiency indicator that can be monitored.

For more information on Goodway’s industrial descaling systems and chemicals, visit or call 1-800-333-7467 to speak with an expert. Goodway also offers online calculators to help understand the potential cost-savings of using ScaleBreak®.