Goodway's New GDS-100 Industrial Descaling System Features Large Capacity Design


Goodway Technologies announces its newest high-performing industrial descaling system. The GDS-100 is a portable, clean-in-place pump system designed for larger descaling cleanings, but can also accommodate smaller applications. The GDS-100 is used to remove limescale, calcium and mineral deposits, rust and other contaminants from HVAC and process manufacturing equipment.

Scale and deposits can act as an insulation barrier on heat transfer surfaces, which impacts heat transfer and operational efficiencies. Common cleaning applications include boilers, chillers, condensers, shell & tube and plate type heat exchangers, and vacuum pumps and any other water operated piece of equipment. The unique high flow capability of this unit, at 96 GPM, was designed with gasketed & brazed plate heat exchangers, as well as large condenser barrel cleanings in mind.

“The development of scale and other deposits can have a detrimental effect on your equipment—from increasing energy costs to causing equipment failure,” says Tim Kane, President of Goodway Technologies. “With the amount of energy heating and cooling systems consume, even the smallest amount of scale can have a tremendous impact. We want to make it easier on facility managers to perform the preventative maintenance by introducing the GDS-100.”

GDS-100 Industrial Descaling System Features:

  • Heavy duty industrial design and 50-gallon horizontal, vented tank offers excellent stability.
  • 110V and a chemically-protected (NEMA 4X) electrical box deliver convenience and safety.
  • Large 1-1/2” x 25’ hoses with locking camlock fittings and isolation valves for ease of use and high performance.
  • Y strainer and bypass valve functions increase performance by catching particulates for easy disposal, and to offer variable flow to match specific applications.
  • Two pressure gauges offer simple performance feedback indicators, while built-in check valves offer safety against liquid flood back, should there be power loss.
  • A safe chemical/water fill port to minimize the potential of unwanted spills.
  • Designed to handle total volumes ranging from 50 gallons and up.


The GDS-100 is also available in multiple configurations. Contact Goodway for more information.