Goodway's CoilPro CC-200 Featured In Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery


Goodway Technologies' Tim Kane andCoilPro CC-200 was featured in the May 19th online edition of Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery.

Goodway's CEO, Tim Kane, speaks to the dangers of neglecting air handling equipment and maintenance that can put employee safety and system efficiency at risk. Kane highlights solutions like the CoilPro CC-200, a coil cleaner and vacuum system that can be used on indoor and outdoor HVAC and refrigeration coils. The portable, self-contained system includes a coil washing system that produces 200 PSI of cleaning power at 0.9 GPM and a powerful wet/dry vacuum for easy cleanup and for dry cleaning of coils. Plus it boasts a 25' hose for when you need an extra stretch to reach a coil. It also uses our unique CoilShine-T tablet system that cleans and protects coils from odor and growth. 

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