Goodway's BioSpray Featured in Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery


Goodway Technologies' BioSpray Sanitation System was featured in the November 28th online edition of Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery.

As noted in the article, the patented anti-freeze CO2 spray technology allows the cordless system to continuously spray for up to 90 minutes without needing a power source. The article also focused on BioSpray D2, a food contact surface liquid that sanitizes surfaces in 60 seconds and disinfects in 5 minutes. The spray is ideal for water sensitive equipment, like conveyor belts, food packaging systems and more. The lab calibrated spray-and-shoot technology helps get the BioSpray D2 sanitizer deep into cracks, crevices and the "shadows" of food production systems and components. 

See the full article here.