Goodway Technologies’ Releases Recording of Webinar on Solutions for Cleaning and Sanitation in Co-Packing Environments

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Stamford, Conn. – October 15, 2019 – Goodway Technologies announces the availability of a prerecorded webinar to help quality and sanitation personnel in co-packing facilities learn more about new technologies and best practices. Conducted initially on October 11, 2019, the webinar “Cleaning and Sanitation in Bakery and Snack Co-Packing Manufacturing,” is now available to view for free.

In the webinar, Goodway’s food industry expert, Evan Reyes, highlights the unique production challenges faced within the bakery and snack food co-packing industry. He discusses the increasing need for production line flexibility, ease of cleaning, and shortened changeovers required in order to be competitive in the contract manufacturing of candy, cookies, bars, and snacks. Reyes walks participants through new automation in sanitation technology, which is designed to increase production line flexibility and allow co-packers to take on more business with existing production lines.

As Goodway's Director of Sales, Sanitation Division, Evan Reyes works to improve sanitation and food safety programs through the introduction of innovative cleaning and sanitation processes. Over the past six years, he has visited more than 500 food plants to improve food safety and promote sanitation best practices.

“The contract packaging industry is growing at a fast pace and just like any other food production facility, they need to have proper sanitation procedures and maintain high-quality output on the production line,” said Reyes. “We walk through some of the unique challenges that co-packing facilities experience when working to meet the demands of their various clients while adhering to FSMA and other safety regulations and guidelines.”

Click here to watch “Cleaning and Sanitation in Bakery and Snack Co-Packing Manufacturing.”

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