Accessories for Increased Efficiency and Enhanced Results in Dry Steam Solutions

Steam Cleaning

Stamford, Conn. – Nov 1, 2023—Goodway Technologies has developed a line of innovative steam accessories bringing additional value to Goodway dry steam solutions. These products harness the power of “dry” superheated steam, with a moisture content of less than 10%, which cleans and sanitises on contact, with little drying time, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of cleaning needs, including sensitive machinery. Dry steam solutions are also beneficial for heavy-duty cleaning of other areas that can be infested with bacteria, such as drains, where those harmful pollutants can spread and cause contamination.

In food and beverage processing facilities, dry steam cleaning is used to dissolve grease, oils or other types of residues from a variety of areas, namely those that can’t use “wet” systems due to sensitivity. While dry steam is predominantly used for the cleaning and sanitizing of conveyor belts and other types of machinery used in food and beverage processing, these products are also used for more generalized cleaning for areas like floor drains, which can harbour bacteria.

The advanced technology Goodway uses can be customized to meet the needs of the customer and are designed to help facilities meet cleaning and sanitation requirements while helping improve equipment efficiencies.

The following four accessories enhance the precision and operation of the Goodway line of dry steam products.

Drain Sanitiser Attachment: Drain cleaning, sanitizing and regular swabbing for microorganisms is a necessary practice in food processing facilities today. Dangerous bacteria such as listeria are found in standing water and very commonly in drains. The typical process of drain cleaning can be challenging if a drain is older or cracked. Other products, such as foaming sanitisers, may not penetrate inside these cracks to eradicate harmful bacteria. By injecting high-temperature steam into a drain, the Goodway drain sanitiser attachment can effectively sanitise 100% of the surface area. This tool is especially valuable for food safety programs, serving as a periodic steam sanitiser for well-used drains that may need more attention.

Floor Spinner: Designed for floor cleaning where water-use needs to be minimized or avoided, this floor spinner goes where a traditional floor scrubber cannot. The Goodway floor spinner efficiently cleans diamond plate, epoxy, dairy brick, and many other flooring materials of oils, grime and dirt, emulsifying soils, and debris, and using vacuum power to extract, leaving floors cleaned and sanitized.

Colour-coded Brushes: Simple yet effective; using color-coded cleaning and sanitation tools is standard industry practice to prevent cross-contamination. A brush used on the floor should not be the same brush used on a food-prepping surface. Goodway colour-coded brushes come in five assorted colours to assist sanitation staff in limiting cross-contamination risks by keeping colours coded for certain areas or zones.

Smooth Hoses: The smooth exterior surface of the hose helps improve sanitation and cleaning results by reducing the ability for dirt and debris to adhere to ridges in the hose. The smooth hoses can be used as a replacement hose or to extend the user’s reach while performing cleaning and sanitation duties.


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