Cleaning and Sanitation Easier and More Effective at 2023 PACK EXPO

Goodway at pack expo

Stamford, Conn. – Goodway Technologies, a global leader in manufacturing and distributing innovative technology-driven maintenance and sanitation solutions will give attendees a first-hand demonstration of their latest solutions for the packaging and production process at 2023 PACK EXPO in Las Vegas.

Goodway Technologies has been at the forefront of delivering technology-driven solutions that make cleaning and disinfecting all areas of a facility easier and more effective. The innovative solutions not only increase efficiencies and production uptime but also decrease labor time.

During the expo, attendees will have the opportunity to stop by booth SU-7108 and experience the PureBelt™ line of automated, clean-in-place conveyor belt cleaning systems. These systems utilize the power of dry steam to eliminate allergens, mold, yeast, bacteria, and other soils. The PureBelt™ modular cleaning system features an intuitive and easy-to-use software interface, allowing for customized cleaning patterns and techniques based on the specific needs of each facility. With special sensors that automatically determine belt motion, the cleaning performance is optimized based on conveyor belt speed and width.

"As labor shortages become more challenging, Goodway Technologies remains committed to providing customers with customized solutions that offer the benefits of automation," said Tim Kane, CEO and President of Goodway Technologies. "Our team continues to create innovative solutions that make routine cleaning faster and easier, while consistently delivering effective sanitation results and reducing labor costs.”

In addition to the PureBelt™ line, Goodway Technologies will have their Dry Steam Cleaning Systems which provide enhanced cleaning performance especially in chemical free areas and dry environments. Dry steam cleaning is gaining popularity as an effective method for cleaning in dry environments where water usage should be minimized. It allows for a more thorough and deep cleaning compared to traditional dry clean tools, making it ideal for cleaning around water-sensitive equipment and reaching even the smallest cracks and crevices. The booth will also feature the award-winning steam cleaning accessories which help facilities improve the cleaning and sanitation process. Outside of their dry steam solutions Goodway Technologies will also be showcasing Specialized Industrial Vacuums and the BioSpray® Surface Sanitation System.

Stop by booth SU-7108 in the South Upper Hall to speak with a Goodway Technologies expert about all their innovative solutions or visit for more information.