Addition of the Sesame Seed as a Major Food Allergen Highlights the Importance of Implementing an Effective Cleaning and Sanitation Program

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Stamford, Conn. – June 20, 2023 – As food production facilities continue to ensure that their products are properly labelled and the appropriate steps are in place to prevent allergen contamination, the recent addition of sesame to the list of allergens is a reminder of the significance of cleaning and sanitation. Goodway Technologies has outlined various innovative solutions they offer to clean and sanitize your facility to prevent cross-contamination while increasing labor savings and decreasing production downtime. 

With the potential to impact millions of people globally, it is critical food production, and processing facilities take proper measures to remove the risk of allergens and implement stringent cleaning and sanitation protocols.

“It is crucial for bakeries to identify effective methods to keep production environments clean and reduce or eliminate the risk of cross-contamination,” said Evan Reyes, Goodway Technologies Global Sanitation Solution Sales Lead. “Using the right technology to remove sesame seeds, oils and remnants can allow for an effective allergen cleaning.”

Goodway Technologies outlines recommended methods in order of effectiveness to assist with allergen control and cleaning:

  • 1st Choice – Dedicate certain plants for sesame seeded products to eliminate the need for product changeovers.
  • 2nd Choice – Dedicate a production line to sesame products using greater care when it comes to hygienic zoning, traffic patterns, GMPs, ingredient handling and personnel training.
  • 3rd ChoiceWhen a sesame changeover needs to occur, food contact surfaces and adjacent surfaces must be completely visually clean and should pass an allergen swab.

To combat the allergen challenge, Goodway®️ offers several innovative solutions to clean and sanitize your facility to prevent cross-contamination while increasing labor savings and decreasing production downtime.

Improved Housekeeping During Production:

Use a HEPA vacuum system for cleanup. Only a HEPA filter vacuum completely removes allergens from the environment. Goodway®️ vacuums can be used throughout a production facility; they are easy to use, manage and store close to production areas for quick and easy access.

Color-Coded Vacuum Brush Attachments:

Use color-coded dusting brushes to help prevent cross-contamination. Color-coded brushes, including those for HEPA vacuuming, can be dedicated for specific areas, surfaces, or allergens. Use the brushes together with the vacuum to recover the visual seeds.

Cleaning Packaging and Production Areas:

Use a dry steam cleaning system to break down oily/pasty residue without introducing too much moisture into the environment (which can lead to yeast/mold). Use on seeders, depanners, framework, pan cleaners, pan conveyors, guide rails, wrapping, slicing during changeover to clean without compromising your equipment.

Cleaning Conveyor Belts During Downtime:

In addition to a dry steam generation system, use a modular conveyor belt cleaning system for mesh belts to remove allergens, breadcrumbs, oil, yeast and mold. This system will help you save on labor while achieving a more thorough cleaning. It will also enable faster changeovers, increased belt life span and improved production reliability.

Goodway Technologies offers a variety of solutions to help meet new regulations, safety, and cleanliness for sesame allergen management. From HEPA vacuums, to dry steam cleaning to the latest belt cleaning technology with the PureBelt™ line of conveyor belt cleaners, Goodway can provide a solution and proper training and consultancy.

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