Goodway Technologies Supports Echo Hose Ambulance Corps with Donation of BioSpray® Equipment for Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitation Efforts

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Stamford, Conn. – June 21, 2024Goodway Technologies, a global leader in industrial maintenance solutions, recently supported the Echo Hose Ambulance Corps in Connecticut with a generous donation of BioSpray® Surface Sanitation Systems. These innovative BioSpray® units will play a vital role in advancing the cleaning and decontamination processes within the ambulance fleet, helping to enhance safety and operational efficiency.

"We are thrilled to support the Echo Hose Ambulance Corps in their mission to provide critical emergency services to the community," said Tim Kane, Goodway Technologies President and CEO. "Our BioSpray® systems are designed to streamline the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces — including ambulance interiors, stretchers and equipment — ultimately contributing to a safer and healthier environment for both patients and first responders."

Before integrating the BioSpray® systems, the Echo Hose Ambulance Corps relied on traditional methods such as manual spraying, wiping and the labor-intensive use of mop and bucket for decontamination purposes. With the introduction of the BioSpray® equipment, Echo Hose anticipates significant improvements in operational efficiency, reduction in cleaning material expenses and a transition away from reliance on costly wipe-based antiviral products.

"We are confident the BioSpray® systems donated by Goodway Technologies will significantly enhance our decontamination processes and positively impact our ability to provide top-notch care to our community," said Matthew Matousek, Echo Hose Ambulance Corps Operations Supervisor. “The ease of use and efficiency of these devices, along with significant cost savings, will be a tremendous benefit and we appreciate the generous donation.”

Goodway Technologies remains dedicated to advancing sanitation solutions and providing dependable technologies that uphold the highest standards of cleanliness.


Paramedics Anne Lundvall, Brett Borgognone, and Operations Supervisor Rob Fattibene