Making Chiller Tube Cleaning a Top Priority Improves Overall Efficiency

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Stamford, Conn. – April 20, 2023 – Cleaning chiller tubes now can help make everything go more smoothly in a few months when you are getting your chillers back online. Goodway Technologies, a global leader in industrial maintenance and cleaning/sanitation solutions, is sharing tips and best practices to make it even more effective and efficient.

The Importance of Cleaning Chiller Tubes

Taking the time to properly clean and maintain equipment can help reduce the risk of breakdowns and downtime. Chillers make up a large portion of a facility’s energy costs, which is why maintenance is critical for efficient operations and productivity. While it can be easy to defer maintenance and cleaning, it can cost more in the end due to larger repairs or loss of efficiency.

Chiller tubes are prone to scale accumulation and buildup of other sediments and residue. The accumulation of contaminants occurs in every chiller no matter how frequently the chiller is serviced or how clean the water inside is. This buildup in the pipes is called “fouling” and as it becomes thicker the overall system loses capacity and uses more energy compared to a clean chiller.

Routine cleaning can help reduce fouling and also control the growth of harmful microorganisms, such as the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease, which can cause potential health risks and result in poor indoor air quality.

Tools for Efficiently Performing Chiller Tube Cleaning

There are solutions and equipment for chiller tube cleaning that are simple to use, portable and can be easily operated by one person. Water treatment alone will not keep tubes clean. Even the smallest amount of scale can impact a chiller’s efficiency. Routine cleaning and visual inspections should be implemented in addition to water treatment.

Here are a few tools that help optimize chiller cleaning:

  • Rotary Tube Cleaner – Ideal for cleaning the tubes, these units feed water to the brush at the end of the shaft, flushing out deposits as they are loosened.
  • Chemical Descaler – Chemical descalers can dissolve calcium, lime, rust, lithium carbonate and other types of deposits from passages that come into contact with hot water. Make sure to review the label to see what materials the descaler can be used with.
  • Brushes – Attaching brushes to the tube cleaner can help remove soft and light scale deposits.

Make Maintenance a Top Priority

Tube cleaning is a necessary preventative maintenance task for chillers and failure to clean the tubes leads to scaling, corrosion, and reduced heat transfer through the system. As heat transfer efficiency goes down, operating and maintenance costs go up.

Finding the right equipment can make chiller tube cleaning easier and more effective. Goodway Technologies recently launched its newest line of tube cleaners that feature increased maneuverability and an intuitive design, including the RAM-5-ID which showcases the exclusive “Speed Feed” gun system that automatically inserts and removes the shaft into tubes, cleaning them up to four times faster than other tube cleaning systems.

Visit Goodway Technologies’online Chiller Tube Cleaner Buying Guide for additional information on how to choose the right chiller tube cleaning solutions.

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