Manage Bacterial and Viral Outbreaks with Goodway Technologies Solutions

A bacterial or viral outbreak like the flu or Norwalk virus can cause serious illness and even death. In addition, an outbreak can be costly financially. Goodway Technologies offers innovative solutions to clean and sanitize quickly and efficiently.

The Bottom Line Cost of an Outbreak

Outbreaks like the flu virus and Norwalk virus can result in illness and even death. Financially, outbreaks can cut into a bottom line. In an effort to stop the outbreak, closures and cancellations are put in effect. In the hospitality industry, this can result in lost revenue and brand erosion and in schools and universities, major losses in productivity. Extra labor time spent controlling the outbreak can add up on your payroll.

Challenges Managing a Flu or Viral Outbreak

When faced with an outbreak, it is important to get it under control as soon as possible through proper cleaning and sanitation techniques, however, there can be challenges. Cleaning and sanitizing with the wrong product can cause even more issues than the original outbreak. Bacteria and viruses can be lurking in a variety of cracks, crevices and surfaces and areas like water sensitive equipment that many liquid cleaners would destroy. These are often overlooked for fear of destroying equipment. Harsh chemicals may require a rinse once applied, and could also be corrosive or staining to equipment.

The way in which cleaning and sanitizing products are applied is also crucial. Traditional methods of cleaning and sanitation like pump spraying or manually wiping can be ineffective, leaving gaps in coverage. Manual wiping can lead to cross-contamination due to using soiled rags/towels to apply the cleaner. Manual wiping can also lead to injury due to the repetitive nature of the maintenance worker.

Developing an effective response plan, including identifying the correct cleaners and sanitizers, and then a location by location cleaning plan is vital to managing outbreaks of flu or Norwalk virus before they occur. 

Innovative Solutions

Goodway’s GVC-1502-VAC and BIOSPRAY® Portable, Cordless Surface Sanitation System were designed with the versatility and effectiveness needed to help you fight bacterial and viral outbreaks quickly and efficiently.

Dry Steam and Vacuum Power with the GVC-1502-VAC

The GVC-1502-VAC offers the cleaning power of dry steam with the convenience of an integrated vacuum for wet pickup and extraction. Customize the steam and vacuuming power to the ideal setting for your steam cleaning job. You have the ability to clean and sanitize almost any surface including work tables, seats, carts, beds, carpets, upholstery, desks, door handles and more. Another bonus, the optional fogging system that allows you to fog disinfecting chemicals along with high temp steam for the utlimate sanitation solution.


Sanitize and Disinfect with the BIOSPRAY® Surface Sanitation System

Made to move, the BIOSPRAY Surface Sanitation System is portable and cordless. Deliver faster, safer and more efficient surface sanitation. Perfect for "water sensitive" environments or other surfaces, BIOSPRAY uses a specialized electricity-free CO2 delivery technology to apply BIOSPRAY®-D2 food-contact surface sanitizer in a continuous stream, delivering better coverage than manual wiping. The system also uses up to 50% less sanitizer and 50% savings in application time, which saves money and time. Best of all, EPA registered BIOSPRAY-D2 kills 99.999% of bacteria on food contact surfaces in 60 seconds and 99.9% of bacteria on non-food contact surfaces in 10 seconds.

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