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The DV-AV-EP Dry Hazardous Area Vacuum (sometimes referred to as an explosion proof vacuum) is ideal for recovery of fine powders in hazardous locations, like coal dust, flour, food particles, chemicals and other flammable powders. It is certified for use in hazardous locations. Class I, Groups A, B, C & D, Division 2, Class II, Groups F & G, Division 2


According to OSHA, there are over 25 thousands facilities in the US that are considered to be hazardous when it comes to airborne dust and flammable particles. Is your business one of them? Make sure you and your colleagues are at the forefront of work safety when it comes to hazardous, and other flammable materials dry or liquid. If your business handles or produces any of these, you need a specialized vacuum from Goodway.

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If you're thinking this might not pertain to you, perhaps this note from OSHA can help clarify.

"A combustible dust explosion hazard may exist in a variety of industries, including: food (e.g., candy, starch, flour, feed), plastics, wood, rubber, furniture, textiles, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes, coal, metals (e.g., aluminum, chromium, iron, magnesium, and zinc), and fossil fuel power generation. The vast majority of natural and synthetic organic materials, as well as some metals, can form combustible dust."

Goodway's DV-AV-EP is powered by compressed air and comes equipped with a non-sparking, stainless steel tank and an anti-static 1 micron pocket filter. This state-of-the-art unit can be used safely in areas where the use of an electric vacuum would pose a risk of explosion. It can produce a static water lift of 160" and an air displacement of 125 CFM. The unit features an external filter shaker to keep the filters clear and a detachable collection tank which can be wheeled out from under the vacuum without removing the vacuum.