Personal Care Cleaning Solutions

Personal Care Product Production Cleaning & Sanitation Equipment

Goodway Technologies is a leading manufacturer of advanced cleaning and sanitation solutions for personal care production facilities around the globe. These modern facilities are driven by providing the best quality products they can, safely and efficiently. Goodway® partners with these companies and leading OEM conveying manufacturers to deliver innovative solutions that keep production environments cleaned and sanitized to meet the demanding levels our customers require.

Goodway solutions include dry steam cleaning systems, PureBelt® conveyor belt cleaning solutions, specialty industrial vacuums, and BioSpray® alcohol spraying systems.

Dry Steam Cleaning Systems

Goodway dry steam generating systems are portable and convenient to use around the plant. They generate ultra-low moisture “dry” steam used to clean and sanitize surfaces ranging from production surfaces to packaging equipment to conveying systems. Plus, its ultra-low moisture is perfect for “dry clean only” environments.

PureBelt® Conveyor Cleaning Systems

PureBelt is the leading brand of conveyor belt cleaning systems for your production environment. PureBelt systems use the power of dry steam to remove soils, microbes, and more from conveyor belts, leaving surfaces clean, sanitized, and dry to the touch. Models are offered to clean flat and modular plastic belting. Custom configurations are available.

Specialty Industrial Vacuum Solutions

Goodway industrial vacuum solutions are designed to meet virtually any need you have in a personal care production environment. Products range from industrial wet/dry vacuum solutions to pump-out vacuums for large-volume fluid movement to specialty “explosion-proof” vacuums for picking up fine, flammable powders.

BioSpray Alcohol Spraying Systems

If you use D2 alcohol solutions for final step sanitation, consider safer solutions like BioSpray. BioSpray systems are unique alcohol spraying systems. Our technology delivers a safe way to spray alcohol by using a patented CO2 system that envelopes alcohol, rendering it inflammable. Plus, the unique spraying system creates microdroplets of chemicals, allowing for improved coverage using fewer chemicals and better penetration into the “shadows” of production equipment where microbes can flourish.

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