Goodway Commercial Tilt Wet-Dry Vacuum?

Functionality first.

Goodway EV-60-T Commercial Tilt Wet-Dry Vacuum

Form and functionality make the EV-60-T Twin-Motor Wet-Dry Vacuum a leader in its class. It features incredible wet/dry vacuum power and a large 20.6 gallon tank. But its the integrated tilt bar for easy dumping that truly separates it from the rest.

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This vacuum is one of the best in it's class for a few simple reasons. It's equipped with two independent motors and switches, allowing the vacuum to run on either one or both motors depending on your needs. It has a large capacity - over 20 gallons - and the integrated tilt bar makes it super easy to dump out. Ever try lifting 20 gallons of water? Try it, you'll figure out that a tilt bar is better. As a bonus, the unit also comes with a full assortment of accessories for both wet and dry applications.