Chiller Tube Cleaner

The internal Specialist

 for Spiral Enhanced Chiller Tubes

Goodway RAM-6-60 Chiller tube cleaner

Spiral enhanced tubes need specialized cleaning tools and Goodway has the answer. These tubes are a double edged sword. Better heat exchange properties but also faster buildup of sludge and scale. These tubes need a special machine and the RAM-6-60 is just the one.

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The RAM-6 tube cleaner is great for punching tubes. It features a reversible motor and bi-directional foot switch that delivers pinpoint forward and reverse shaft and brush rotation to effectively clean spiral enhanced tubes. The innovative brush designs and spiral grooves in the tubes allow the brush to "SELF" propel through tubes making spirally enhanced tube cleaning faster. The variable speed of the RAM-6 allows you to set shaft speed to match the natural feed rate of the spiral in your chiller tubes, preventing slip and allowing the brush to thoroughly clean both the lands and the grooves of the tube. We recommend our "Patriot" Dual Diameter Nylon Brush (ENN-062) to provide maximum cleaning of internally enhanced tubes.