Automatic Chiller Tube Cleaner

#1 Choice

for Contractors and Facility Managers

...for Chiller Tube Cleaning

RAM-5SFVS delivers the ultimate in chiller tube cleaning technology. It features variable speed brush rotation and customized shaft feed rates allowing pinpoint accuracy in identifying the optimal tube cleaning rate.

People who clean a lot of tubes have very specific needs. For those that have large tube bundleds, what we hear most often is "help me get it done fastetr". For those with a lot of tube cleaning jobs we hear "make a machine that's easy to move around".

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The RAM-5SFVS is THE machine of choice among contractors and facility managers for its superior cleaning and advanced shaft and brush control. The revolutionary Speed Feed gun combined with Goodway blue nylon brushes will clean tubes up to four times faster than any other rotary tube cleaner with minimal training time required. As the cleaning tool loosens debris, the shaft casing provides a steady stream of water, flushing out debris and restoring system efficiency.