A Greener Choice: Ammonia as a Refrigerant

Supermarkets are high energy users, with more than half of their energy usage attributed to refrigeration, according to an article in Environmental Protection. The online publication points to a paper from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory that puts the average supermarket energy usage at 1 million to 1.5 million kWh per year. Compare that to the 11,040 […]

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Ammonia As a Refrigerant: Pros and Cons – Follow Up

(Editor’s note: The Just Venting blogging team identified the top three Just Venting blog posts since launching in 2008. The next three posts will be a follow up to each.) It’s no surprise one of the blog’s most popular posts is Ammonia As a Refrigerant: Pros and Cons. In a 2010 newsletter published by Alfa […]

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Innovative Energy Solutions: Ammonia as a Refrigerant, Cogeneration, Concentrating Solar Power

Every building needs an HVAC system. Whether you’re heating, cooling, or ventilating, you need a system that will work efficiently and also save you money. But different facilities require different systems. As technology develops, and green buildings become the norm rather than the exception, there are some innovative energy technologies you might want to consider […]

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Ammonia As a Refrigerant: Pros and Cons

Last month, a 5000-pound ammonia leak occurred at a Boston-area seafood warehouse that killed one worker and forced a shelter-in-place order from Boston Police.  Problematic procedures may be to blame. So as you read the pros and cons of Ammonia as a refrigerant below, remember these key takeaways: ongoing, scheduled evaluations and preemptive maintenance are critical for any ammonia storage solution — […]

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Rid Your Systems of Struvite and Vivianite


What is Struvite or vivianite? Struvite is formed when ammonia, phosphate, and magnesium come together to precipitate and initiate Struvite crystallization. Struvite can present itself as a white, brown, or yellowish hardened substance. Vivianite is a combination of iron, phosphorus, hydrogen, and oxygen and is formed during anaerobic digestion. Vivianite commonly presents as a deep […]

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