The Importance of Surface Sanitation in Healthcare

Learn about the importance of surface cleaning and sanitation in healthcare environments and how the BioSpray® surface sanitation system can help.

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Keeping High Performance Student Athletes Safer with Goodway

Keeping student athletes on the field is more than just preventing injuries, it’s also keeping them well by ensuring their gym, locker rooms, and exercise center are germ and mold free. The National Athletic Trainers’ Association position paper on skin diseases suggests that not only are athletes responsible for infection prevention, but that “custodial staff must be included in the educational programs about infectious agents to be able to adequately help in daily disinfection of the facilities.” To avoid sicknesses and preventable illness universities need procedures for infection control, HVAC maintenance, and cleaning. Learn about Goodway’s industrial maintenance, cleaning and sanitation solutions.

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Disinfection in the Classroom

Space4Learning 2020 Product Award

                As the school year comes into the winter months the topic on the top of many minds is how to keep students, employees, and staff safe during the colder months. Some kids are learning from their dining room tables, side by side with their siblings with a […]

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Sanitation in Gaming: Opening Back Up After COVID-19  

Many states are starting to remove the isolation policies that dictated closures for businesses, as the COVID-19 virus seemingly recesses during the summer. The gaming industry was hit significantly by the business closures, and even today, casino and game rooms remain empty. From the large casinos of Las Vegas, Nevada to off-track betting, race tracks, […]

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Your Facility is Covered in Germs: What Does This Mean for a Facility Manager

Facility managers have a vital job. They responsible for ensuring the safe and effective operation and maintenance of a facility and it’s infrastructure, including the heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems in the wake of any virus outbreak. Key organizations in the world health field like the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization are […]

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