Understanding Explosion-Proof Vacuums: What Sets Them Apart?


There is a constant risk of a potential explosion in hazardous locations that handle flammable dust and combustible materials. In these risk-prone areas, only an explosion proof vacuum cleaner can clear dust and debris, flammable and combustible materials safely without becoming an explosive hazard itself. Not all industrial vacuums are explosion-proof. Only an industrial vacuum […]

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What is Indoor Air Quality? How Can You Improve It?

Facility Cleaning

Whether you operate a food processing plant, industry facility, a school or an office building, maintaining a high level of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), also known as “indoor environmental quality”, is important to occupational health. “What is indoor air quality?” is a question that you should be asking concerning your building conditions, if you’re unsure about […]

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Which Industrial HEPA Vacuum is Right for My Business?


Choosing the type of industrial vacuum you need is challenging. Adding in a need for HEPA filtering makes it even tougher. In this article, we discuss the basics of HEPA filtering, and its benefits over regular filtering, and some applications that might align to your specific business needs. Many facilities and manufacturing environments have specific […]

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How To Select the Right Industrial Vacuum

industrial vacuum

How To Select the Right Industrial Vacuum Vacuum cleaners for industrial use are powerful, durable, heavy-duty machines built to handle even the most challenging cleaning and maintenance jobs. From lifting and cleaning up light to heavy loads, wet or dry materials,  solid particles, or spilled liquid, there’s an industrial vacuum for every job. The question […]

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Industrial Vacuum Applications and Uses

industrial vacuums

Uses for Industrial Vacuum Cleaners In today’s world, industrial vacuum cleaners have become very powerful, durable, and heavy-duty devices that help you meet your facility’s cleaning needs no matter how big or difficult they are. You can find an industrial vacuum for lifting light or heavy loads, wet or dry materials, solid particles, or spilled […]

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