How a Plant Manager’s HVAC Problems Can Spark Product Innovation

If you’re a plant operations or maintenance manager, then you’re inherently a problem solver too. So when a big problem comes along, it’s tempting to feel as if you have to figure it out on your own.

This type of problem solving can be a relatively slow and stressful process when the equipment at risk is worth millions of dollars, and a trial and error approach is unacceptable. That’s where expanding your knowledge base and knowing who to trust becomes invaluable.

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No Te Olvides: Goodway at AHR Expo Mexico


We came. We saw. We introduced over 10,879 HVAC&R industry professionals to some of the most advanced tube cleaners, cooling tower cleaning systems and coil cleaners that Goodway has to offer in Latin America, at this year’s AHR Expo Mexico. Thanks to everyone who stopped by booth 912 to witness what Goodway has to offer for easier, faster and more effective HVAC maintenance cleaning.

Stay tuned for 2018 AHR Expo Mexico in Mexico City, and for more information on Goodway’s innovative maintenance solutions, clic aqui.



Bad Air in the Big Apple? “Unusual” Legionnaires Outbreak Hits New York City

Legionnaires Disease HVAC Cooling Tower

Odds are New York City has seen better summers. In addition to the sweltering weather, NYC is now dealing with a Legionnaires outbreak in the Bronx that’s infected over fifty people and killed four. Right now the city is searching for answers about origin and impact, while many citizens are left wondering just what kind of risk they face.

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How to Avoid Industrial Vacuum Explosions

How to Avoid Industrial Vacuum ExplosionsAre vacuums in your facility at risk of exploding? For most companies, the answer is a firm “no”. But here’s the problem: It only takes a single outlier to turn your shop floor into something resembling a war zone.

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Data Center Cooling Market on the Rise, But Comes with Hidden Dangers

Data Center Cooling Market on the Rise, But Comes with Hidden DangersData center cooling is big business: according to a recent report by Mordor Intelligence, LLP, this market is set to grow at a CAGR of 12.50 percent from 2014 through 2019. But along with this increase is a hidden danger: dirt. Even the coolest building in the world can’t achieve maximum performance if servers or cooling units are contaminated. How do companies combat the problem of dirty data centers?

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