How To Select the Right Industrial Vacuum

industrial vacuum

How To Select the Right Industrial Vacuum Vacuum cleaners for industrial use are powerful, durable, heavy-duty machines built to handle even the most challenging cleaning and maintenance jobs. From lifting and cleaning up light to heavy loads, wet or dry materials,  solid particles, or spilled liquid, there’s an industrial vacuum for every job. The question […]

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What are Industrial Backpack Vacuums Used For?

back pack vacuums

What are Industrial Backpack Vacuums Used For?  There are times when you need a vacuum to clean in tight spaces, or in places where a traditional industrial vacuum cannot perform. With backpack vacuums, you get the power of upright vacuums in a compact, portable form. The versatility of backpack vacuum cleaners makes them ideal for […]

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Industrial Vacuum Applications and Uses

industrial vacuums

Uses for Industrial Vacuum Cleaners In today’s world, industrial vacuum cleaners have become very powerful, durable, and heavy-duty devices that help you meet your facility’s cleaning needs no matter how big or difficult they are. You can find an industrial vacuum for lifting light or heavy loads, wet or dry materials, solid particles, or spilled […]

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Infographic-10 Tips to Help Prevent Dust Explosions

Dust explosions are a serious danger that facility managers must be aware of in many industries including power generation and food processing. Even powders like flour or sugar can become a hazard in certain environments. Download this infographic to learn 10 tips to help prevent dust explosions.

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Top HEPA Vacuum Product Features and Differences for Radioactive Waste Cleanup

Knwoing the difference in features and specifications of HEPA filtration is important when cleaning up hazardous materials. Some cleanup jobs at power plants require more than a wet vacuum. Plant operators know radioactive and other hazardous wastes need a certified industrial vacuum cleaner. That has been the way for five years for radioactive waste management […]

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