No Te Olvides: Goodway at AHR Expo Mexico


We came. We saw. We introduced over 10,879 HVAC&R industry professionals to some of the most advanced tube cleaners, cooling tower cleaning systems and coil cleaners that Goodway has to offer in Latin America, at this year’s AHR Expo Mexico. Thanks to everyone who stopped by booth 912 to witness what Goodway has to offer for easier, faster and more effective HVAC maintenance cleaning.

Stay tuned for 2018 AHR Expo Mexico in Mexico City, and for more information on Goodway’s innovative maintenance solutions, clic aqui.



Bad Air in the Big Apple? “Unusual” Legionnaires Outbreak Hits New York City

Legionnaires Disease HVAC Cooling Tower

Odds are New York City has seen better summers. In addition to the sweltering weather, NYC is now dealing with a Legionnaires outbreak in the Bronx that’s infected over fifty people and killed four. Right now the city is searching for answers about origin and impact, while many citizens are left wondering just what kind of risk they face.

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MERS Outbreak Shores Up Shortcomings in Hospital System

MERS Outbreak Shores Up Shortcomings in Hospital SystemFor South Korean citizens—especially if they’re parents or grandparents of adult children—getting sick comes with a specific expectation: A bed at the best hospital in the nation, the Samsung Medical Center. This 1900-bed care facility is regarded as virtually above reproach in the South Korean care community, but according to Today Online is now under scrutiny as ground zero for a new MERS outbreak in the country. So what went wrong?

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Medieval Cures and Hospital Superbugs: A Potent Solution?

Medieval Cures and Hospital Superbugs: A Potent Solution?Antibiotic resistance. Over the last few years, the term has been popping up more and more frequently in healthcare news stories; hospitals especially are finding it difficult to fight back against new “superbugs” and drug-resistant bacteria infecting their operating rooms and equipment.

Now, researchers at the University of Nottingham and Texas Tech University may have uncovered a medieval cure to this modern malady. Is this the new superweapon in the fight against evolving hospital bacteria?

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Good Eats? Nearly Half of Restaurant Kitchens Have “Critical Violations”

Good Eats? Nearly Half of Restaurant Kitchens Have “Critical Violations”Tasty or terrifying? If you’re eating in Delaware, there’s a 46 percent chance that you’ve ended up in a restaurant with at least one “critical violation,” according to Delmarva Now. These violations include everything from cutting boards kept on the floor to food stored at unsafe temperatures and dishwashers run without sanitizer. The state is now introducing new regulations to combat these issues, but what’s the real danger for diners?

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Ebola Control: Containing the Contagion

Ebola Control: Containing the ContagionAccording to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of Ebola cases in West Africa will surpass 9000, while mortality rates surge above 70 percent. Closer-to-home cases are few and far between but of increasing concern to government authorities, prompting the creation of rapid-response teams that can be at any hospital site in the country within hours. This outside assistance is only activated once Ebola-like symptoms have been identified, however — how can healthcare agencies help limit exposure and control infection day-to-day?

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When Groundwater Goes Bad: How to Clear Leachate Systems

When Groundwater Goes Bad: How to Clear Leachate SystemsIn Pennsylvania, the Keystone Sanitary Landfill is coming under fire for contaminating groundwater. A recent set of tests performed by the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) found “increasing concentrations of ammonia-nitrogen, chloride, nitrate, sodium, and total dissolved solids in one of the landfill’s groundwater monitoring wells,” according to the Times-Tribune. These rising levels indicate that the Landfill’s leachate treatment system isn’t working properly — and this isn’t a one-time issue.

Over the last dozen years, Keystone has faced leachate challenges, a familiar problem for similar facilities across the country. With landfills already under heightened scrutiny and increasing public concern over accidental contamination, what’s the best way to plug holes and stop leaks?

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Moldy Oldies – Time for Immediate Remediation?

When the New Paltz, NY planning and zoning secretary went into the basement of the town hall she expected to return with a handful of old records. Instead, a massive colony of black mold sent her running back upstairs with a constricted throat and red eyes.

iStock_000011868916SmallNow town officials are trying to decide if it’s worth remediating the facility or if it’s time for total destruction. But could this problem have been avoided?

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Going Green? Your Restroom Cleaning Plan

Think your restroom is clean? Think again. Public and commercial bathrooms contain “too many bacteria to count.”

public toiletThat’s the designation applied when there are more than 250 colony-forming units per millimeter – in the case of high-traffic restrooms, the number approaches 1000. Yuck.

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Cheap Natural Gas Fires Up Cogeneration Plant Proponents

In 2006, Koda Energy inked a deal with Minnesota company Rahr Malting Co. to build a power plant that not only generates electricity but captures waste heat created during the process and puts it to use.

iStock_000039111840SmallThese “cogeneration” plants aim for both environmental stewardship and fuel savings, which fluctuate with the price of natural gas.

When the plant got the green light, for example, the price of natural gas was $13 per one million BTU. By 2012, it bottomed out at $2. Is cheap natural gas the start of a slow decline for cogeneration?

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