How To Select the Right Industrial Vacuum

industrial vacuum

How To Select the Right Industrial Vacuum Vacuum cleaners for industrial use are powerful, durable, heavy-duty machines built to handle even the most challenging cleaning and maintenance jobs. From lifting and cleaning up light to heavy loads, wet or dry materials,  solid particles, or spilled liquid, there’s an industrial vacuum for every job. The question […]

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What are Industrial Backpack Vacuums Used For?

back pack vacuums

What are Industrial Backpack Vacuums Used For?  There are times when you need a vacuum to clean in tight spaces, or in places where a traditional industrial vacuum cannot perform. With backpack vacuums, you get the power of upright vacuums in a compact, portable form. The versatility of backpack vacuum cleaners makes them ideal for […]

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Industrial Drain Unblocker Uses & Applications

drain cleaning

Tools for Unblocking Commercial Drains One of the most common causes of clogged floor drains is mop water, which contains a substantial amount of contaminants. With weekly and even daily mopping of floors in some warehouses and storage facilities, sludge and solids can accumulate over time and eventually cause a drain clog. Manufacturing floors can […]

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Breaking Down Types of Chemical Drain Cleaners

drain cleaners

Identifying different types of chemical drain cleaners Acids Acid drain cleaners typically contain sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid. The chemical reaction between the acid and the blockage materials, along with the heat released by the reaction (‘heat of solution’), serves to break down the blockage. The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is recommended when […]

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Are Chemical Cleaners Bad for Commercial Drains?

Do Liquid Drain Cleaner Damage Commercial Drains? A clogged drain is a major headache, not to mention unhygienic. Maintaining clear drains, waste lines, and product conveyance lines is challenging for maintenance personnel. Among these are sink, shower, tub, toilet, floor drains, main waste lines, and sewer lines. These tasks can be accomplished by maintenance professionals […]

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