Encore of Webinar-Scale: Why You Have It, What It Does, and How to Descale Safely and Effectively.

Back by popular demand, Goodway Technologies will be hosting a webinar on June 26th at 2:00 PM EST titled, “Scale: Why You Have It, What It Does and How to Descale Safely and Effectively, with Goodway’s Director of Sales, Liquid Solutions Division, Tim Fregeau. 

Mr. Fregeau will discuss the basics of scale and the impact it has on industrial systems across multiple business segments. You will learn how to properly identify scale, and develop an effective plan for removing it and managing any recurrence. Attendees will  have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the presentation.

From power generation to manufacturing, scaling in equipment can cause lost efficiency which lead to lost production and profits. That’s why understanding types of scale, what it can do, and how to get rid of it are fundamental to maintaining a productive and profitable business.

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Webinar: Preventative Maintenance for Cooling Tower Systems

Cooling tower maintenance is a crucial part of facility maintenance. A poorly maintained cooling tower can have a negative impact on public health, overall system efficiency and operational costs. In order to provide education on this important topic, Goodway Technologies is hosting a free webinar discussing the impact of neglecting cooling towers and providing tips on how to execute preventative maintenance. The webinar, “Preventative Maintenance for Cooling Tower Systems” will take place on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 2 p.m. EST. Register for the free webinar here.

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Enter Our HVAC Sweepstakes Today!

Goodway Technologies’s 2018 Great Outdoors Sweepstakes is underway! The grand prize winner will receive a $1,000 Cabela’s gift card and the first prize winner will receive a $500 Cabela’s gift card. The sweepstakes, open exclusively to HVAC tradespeople, runs until April 30, 2018. Winners will be randomly selected in May 2018.

How to enter for a chance to win:

  1. Visit https://www.goodway.com/greatoutdoors before April 30th and complete the entry registration form.
  2. Get up to 5 bonus entries if you refer eligible HVAC tradespeople to the sweepstakes. Fill out the registration form on https://www.goodway.com/greatoutdoors for your first entry and then use the referral link received in your confirmation email to invite others.

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Top Three Ways to Maximize Your HVAC Technician Earning Potential

The future looks bright for many HVAC technicians, with more jobs and opportunities for higher salaries on the horizon. The construction industry is booming, and more buildings mean more work. HVAC technicians with the right skill sets will be in high demand. The landscape of the industry is changing though, as technology plays a bigger role in building operations and maintenance.

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How the Increased Use of HVAC In Winter Creates More Allergen Buildup

Facility HVAC Management in Winter - AllergenThe results are in and according to groundhog legend, we’re in for a few more weeks of winter. That’s not welcomed news for some in this country as snowstorms have already extended into regions of the country rarely experiencing anything but the odd flurry. Hazardous weather keeps many people indoors for days and sometimes weeks, without any fresh air. This means HVAC systems and furnaces must work overtime to keep the air warm while maintaining indoor air quality.

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Why Disinfecting Schools May Require Industrial Grade Disinfectants

This flu season is one of the worst in over a decade, and our schools have seen the worst of it. Unlike previous seasons, the current strains of influenza are affecting seemingly healthy young people, even those that have had a flu shot. At least 9 schools in Texas have closed for at least one day due to the number of students absent with flu. Experts say cases likely ramped up in January due to children returning to school and estimate we have several weeks left in this flu season to go.

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The Importance of Duct Cleaning for Indoor Air Quality

This winter could break temperature and snowfall records across the country. For most of us, staying inside is the only defense. Avoiding the outdoors may keep us safe from dangerous weather, but we face another danger from the inside. The air quality inside a building begins to worsen when there are less fresh outdoor air and an increase in people and animals. Poor air quality is not only uncomfortable but can be bad for your health.

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Facility Manager Talent Gap Brings New Initiatives in 2018

The facility management field will continue to grow in 2018 while the talent pool shrinks. Historically there has been no linear path to a career as a facility manager. Generally, experienced trade professionals are promoted to facility management based on knowledge and experience. But now as many seasoned facility managers hit retirement age and building management becomes more automated, fewer knowledgeable and experienced candidates can fill the growing number of facility management positions.

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Our Best Stories for 2017 and 2018 Industry Predictions

Here at Goodway we want to wish all of our customers a Happy New Year! 2017 was a great year and we predict that 2018 will be even better as we continue to bring you more quality products and content relevant to HVAC maintenance, power generation, and food and beverage processing to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business. For over 50 years we’ve been providing innovative maintenance solutions for our customers, leveraging direct access to customers and an onsite engineering department-giving us the ability to listen to customer feedback and make those requests a reality.

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Disneyland Legionnaires Cases Raise Cooling Tower Preventative Maintenance Questions

Recent legionnaires news at Disneyland is the latest reminder that this public safety and HVAC maintenance issue isn’t going away anytime soon. As mentioned in previous posts, Legionnaires’ disease is a serious and sometimes fatal disease that affects the lungs as a severe strain of pneumonia. It can be contracted through poorly treated or untreated potable or nonpotable water and grows well in warm conditions.

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