Chiller Tube Cleaning-A Necessary Preventative Maintenance Task

In 2007 on a man-made island off the coast of Qatar, the world’s largest chiller plant came online. The Pearl Qatar’s mechanical building is packed with fifty-two chillers each over two thousand tons providing an astounding 130,000 tons of cooling to the island’s residential and commercial buildings. In a country where summer temperatures hover around 120° F, the water-cooled chiller plant at The Pearl Qatar never slows down and neither does the maintenance staff.

Your team may not be working on chillers that cool the million dollar homes of oil tycoons, but to keep your chiller working efficiently, it needs regular maintenance and cleaning just like the chillers at The Pearl Qatar. Chiller manufacturers have recommended maintenance tasks that include periodic cleaning of the chiller and condenser tubes. Chiller tubes make up the “circulatory system” of the chiller and, just like when humans veins and arteries clog, when tubes are blocked things go bad.

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Keeping High Performance Student Athletes Safer with Goodway

CBS Sports released a 2016 report detailing how three of the nation’s largest colleges earn and spend money from their sports programs. During the 2014-2015 season, Ohio State made $52,000,000 from football ticket sales alone. With 130 players on the football roster, hypothetically each player brought in $400,000 of revenue for the school. With so much revenue per football player, there is even more incentive to make sure student athletes don’t get sick because of something preventable, like athlete’s foot in the shower or a bad cough from mold in the training center air conditioning.

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Salaries in HVAC

A 2018 connecteam survey on salaries in the HVAC industry offers very exciting news for people looking for their first job or hoping to advance into a better position. The HVAC industry’s diversity of jobs, opportunities for increased responsibility and pay, and the exposure to new technology make this an excellent field to find a rewarding, lifelong career. The growth of HVAC is bumping up against a shortage of HVAC technicians providing excellent opportunities for stable, high paying jobs for people ready to commit to building a future for themselves. Within the survey are key points related to how both entry-level and experienced employees can increase their pay over time, most notably in the areas of education and certifications, position held and longevity.

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Innovations in Maintenance Technology

Facility managers with chillers and heat exchangers in their buildings know that a big part of routine maintenance is merely keeping the equipment clean. Cleaning the internal components, cleaning the housing, and even washing down the work area might be a messy and tedious job, but it’s necessary to ensure the proper function of the HVAC system. Clean equipment simply runs better and breaks down less frequently.

Over the years the complexity of HVAC equipment has increased, but many basic maintenance tasks like cleaning haven’t changed very much. Luckily for technicians, the tools needed to perform this work have improved, and dirty jobs like cleaning, pressure washing, or descaling can be completed faster than ever before.

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Infographic-Products for Cooling Tower Health

A neglected cooling tower can lead to lower efficiency, shorter equipment lifespan and even Legionnaire’s disease outbreaks.  As such, cooling tower maintenance is a must for any proactive facility maintenance professional. ASHRAE Standard 188-2015 is a good resource to use when developing a maintenance and emergency cleaning plan, but where to turn to for equipment? Check out this helpful infographic for some of Goodway’s best products and chemicals for cooling tower maintenance.

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