Salaries in HVAC

A 2018 connecteam survey on salaries in the HVAC industry offers very exciting news for people looking for their first job or hoping to advance into a better position. The HVAC industry’s diversity of jobs, opportunities for increased responsibility and pay, and the exposure to new technology make this an excellent field to find a rewarding, lifelong career. The growth of HVAC is bumping up against a shortage of HVAC technicians providing excellent opportunities for stable, high paying jobs for people ready to commit to building a future for themselves. Within the survey are key points related to how both entry-level and experienced employees can increase their pay over time, most notably in the areas of education and certifications, position held and longevity.

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Innovations in Maintenance Technology

Facility managers with chillers and heat exchangers in their buildings know that a big part of routine maintenance is merely keeping the equipment clean. Cleaning the internal components, cleaning the housing, and even washing down the work area might be a messy and tedious job, but it’s necessary to ensure the proper function of the HVAC system. Clean equipment simply runs better and breaks down less frequently.

Over the years the complexity of HVAC equipment has increased, but many basic maintenance tasks like cleaning haven’t changed very much. Luckily for technicians, the tools needed to perform this work have improved, and dirty jobs like cleaning, pressure washing, or descaling can be completed faster than ever before.

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Infographic-Products for Cooling Tower Health

A neglected cooling tower can lead to lower efficiency, shorter equipment lifespan and even Legionnaire’s disease outbreaks.  As such, cooling tower maintenance is a must for any proactive facility maintenance professional. ASHRAE Standard 188-2015 is a good resource to use when developing a maintenance and emergency cleaning plan, but where to turn to for equipment? Check out this helpful infographic for some of Goodway’s best products and chemicals for cooling tower maintenance.

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Next Steps

Mission Critical Cooling: Focus on Data Centers

A 2016 report by the Ponemon Institute studied 63 data centers across the United States and calculated that the average cost of a large data center outage is $740,357. That astounding number probably makes IT professionals and data center maintenance staff a little nervous. No one wants to be the person who made a mistake that cost the company $740,357! Businesses that cannot keep data centers online also lose customers, costing the company even more money. Finally, there is the high price to rebuild their reputation and bring customers back. The pressure to keep data centers up and running has never been so high.

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Coil Corrosion Causes and Reduction

Air conditioning manufacturers have been struggling with a serious problem the last several years; a problem that has left homeowners and small businesses across the country without reliable air conditioning and has led to at least three class-action lawsuits in the United States and Canada. The problem is pitting, corrosion, and eventual failure of copper evaporator coils in residential and light commercial air conditioning units. The HVAC industry is changing its processes in response.

An air conditioning unit works by moving pressurized refrigerant between an outdoor condenser coil and an indoor evaporator coil. Because evaporator coils are inside a building and protected from the elements, it would seem that evaporator coils would last a lifetime safely hidden away in an attic or closet. But it is precisely because the evaporator coil is sealed away so tightly that coil corrosion is becoming a problem.

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