Campus Air Quality: The Impact of Commercial HVAC Systems in Higher Education


IAQ on College Campuses A well-functioning HVAC system can improve air circulation and reduce the risk of airborne illnesses in commercial buildings, scientific labs, colleges and schools. HVAC systems maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment by bringing in fresh, outside air and circulating it. This exchange of air is a crucial factor in maintaining […]

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13 Steps to Safely Clean and Maintain Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers

Heat exchanger safety precautions are a serious matter. Cleaning a heat exchanger keeps it clean and free of fouling, this increases heat efficiency, lowers operational costs, maintains a high level of Indoor Air Quality, and keeps temperatures consistent throughout a facility. Safety should be the highest priority when cleaning heat exchangers. The chemicals, solvents, and […]

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Combatting Mold in HVAC Systems for Commercial Properties: A Comprehensive Guide


Managing mold in HVAC systems is vital for property owners and managers. It involves regular checks, thorough cleaning, and usage of EPA-registered products.

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Combatting Contamination: The Power of HVAC Maintenance in Hospitals

Hospital HVAC Blog Photo

Hospitals play a critical role in our communities, providing essential medical care to patients in need. With their typically high concentration of patients exhibiting various illness and the continuous presence of COVID-19, the importance of hospital HVAC maintenance is more important than ever. One key factor in achieving this goal is ensuring that the hospital’s […]

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Why All Chemical Descalers Aren’t the Same

Scalebreak products

Industrial descaling solutions are a quick and effective way to increase operating efficiency through the removal of water-formed deposits from tubes, pipes, pumps, and more. However, not all chemical descalers are created equal. Why? Simply put, two significant factors come into play. The various compositions of the deposits built up generally differ due to the water source […]

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