10 Steps to Improve ESG and Sustainability at Your Facility

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. ESG in facilities management refers to principles and practices that prioritize sustainability, ethical governance, and corporate social responsibility. There are many benefits to ESG and sustainability for facilities management. Key among them are: Cost savings through energy efficiency and reduced waste A reduced carbon footprint Compliance with LEED […]

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Keeping Your Building Safe: How to Test for Legionella in Water Systems

Dirty Cooling Tower

When Legionella seeps into a building’s water systems, it poses serious public health risks to building occupants. Knowing how to test for Legionella in water within a building keeps Legionella out and building occupants safe. Signs of Legionella bacteria lurk in secret, hidden dark places until someone gets sick. But the onus is on building […]

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Why All Chemical Descalers Aren’t the Same

Scalebreak products

Industrial descaling solutions are a quick and effective way to increase operating efficiency through the removal of water-formed deposits from tubes, pipes, pumps, and more. However, not all chemical descalers are created equal. Why? Simply put, two significant factors come into play. The various compositions of the deposits built up generally differ due to the water source […]

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Water Treatment, Limescale, and Your Facility

Why is water treatment important? Water treatment in commercial facilities is crucial for maintaining the overall health and efficiency of water-operated equipment. However, even with a water treatment program, there is the potential for limescale (calcium carbonate) buildup and the increased costs that scale fouling can generate. Industrial descaling solutions can quickly remove limescale buildup […]

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The Essential Multistack® Chiller Cleaning Guide


The Essential Multistack® Chiller Cleaning Guide Multistack® modular chillers comprise a series of separate chilling units that operate collaboratively to deliver large cooling capacity in a small footprint. Multistack® chillers are well-designed, rugged, and ultra-reliable. However, even the most robust chiller systems can suffer from hard water scaling buildup, which can cause significant efficiency loss […]

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