Surface Disinfection: Alcohol-Based or Water-Based?

BIOSPRAY Surface Disinfectant

If there was one thing everyone was talking about in 2020, it was surface disinfection. From the moment the novel coronavirus made its first appearance, surface sanitizing was a top of mind for almost every industry. You may be shocked to hear that more than 600,000 bacteria live on one square inch of human skin[i]. […]

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The Final Step: Sanitizing In Food Manufacturing

In the food manufacturing industry, food safety and quality is everything. Not only is it part of good manufacturing practices (GMP), but it’s the law. Food and beverage plants work with countless ingredients that can cause public health hazards, from microorganisms hiding in ingredient materials to allergens that cross-contaminate products during packaging processes. Microorganisms and […]

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Casino Maintenance: From Surface Sanitation to the HVAC System

Thousands of people pass though casinos each day, some bring their germs to share with others and some customers get sick from improperly maintained HVAC equipment. Dirty coils, slimy drain pans, and wet ductwork collect dust and mold that get blown down the ductwork and into the occupied space. Mold spores from the HVAC system can regenerate anywhere in the casino triggering coughing and respiratory infections.

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Surface Sanitation in Restaurants

Proper procedures can help kill germs before they make people sick and prevent the transmission of bacteria and stomach flu. Portable and easy to use surface sanitation systems with powerful disinfecting sprays from Goodway make the fight against illness winnable, reducing the risk of widespread sickness, litigation and reputation damage.

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Surface Sanitation in Hospitality

Sanitizing surfaces is perhaps the most important task housekeeping and maintenance staff can do to prevent viral outbreaks. Learn about how Goodway’s BioSpray®-10 surface sanitation system using BioSpray®-D2 Sanitizer can be used in guest rooms, gyms, lockers, kitchens, serving areas, and even in the kids play area to kill germs and keep people from getting sick.

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