Which Industrial HEPA Vacuum is Right for My Business?


Choosing the type of industrial vacuum you need is challenging. Adding in a need for HEPA filtering makes it even tougher. In this article, we discuss the basics of HEPA filtering, and its benefits over regular filtering, and some applications that might align to your specific business needs. Many facilities and manufacturing environments have specific cleaning needs, picking up materials that can be benign or dangerous when airborne. Choosing the right vacuum systems and HEPA filtering option can make a substantial difference for safety, but also in keeping indoor air quality (IAQ) safe for employees and visitors alike. Using an industrial HEPA vacuum can improve IAQ in work environments to reduce occupant exposure to harmful particles, such as asbestos or dust, by removing them from the air.

Some common uses for industrial HEPA filter vacuum cleaners are:

  • Clean up of noncombustible hazardous materials like lead or silica
  • Vacuuming large spaces with dusty or light debris
  • Removing dust and debris from manufacturing environments
  • Cleaning dust and debris from hard-to reach areas like overhead pipes and walls

What are the Different HEPA Vacuums?

There are six different types of HEPA vacuums for industrial facilities available through Goodway to meet the needs of many types of facilities.

1. Industrial: A HEPA industrial vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters is powered by a motor that generates enough suction to lift and remove heavier debris, like rocks, metal shavings, and wood chips. They work well at:

  • Construction sites
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Other commercial settings with a lot of dust and debris

2. Portable: Portable HEPA vacuums remove unwanted surface grime in commercial and industrial applications that require heavy-duty cleaning. These high-efficiency vacuums remove dust, mold, and lead in hard-to-reach spaces. They may be used in:

  • Manufacturing and processing facilities
  • Clean rooms that demand precise contaminant removal
  • Building and construction sites
  • Tight spaces where dust, debris and other contaminants collect

3. Wet/Dry: HEPA filtered wet/dry industrial vacuums can remove dust, dirt and liquid waste and spills without damage to the machine. These vacuums work well in areas with a lot of spillage and wet waste, such as:

  • Factories
  • Building sites and garages
  • Industrial facilities with wet/dry waste
  • Beverage facilities
  • Pulp and paper facilities

4. Wall-Mounted: When floor space is tight, a wall-mounted continuous duty vacuum works well. These vacuums can run non-stop without motor burnout and can be positioned over a collection hopper, drum or conveyor belt for easy debris removal. They work well in:

  • Food processing facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Industrial applications

5. Continuous Duty: HEPA vacuums designed for continuous 24/7 operation. These systems remove fine particles without filters clogging in:

  • Baking and snack facilities
  • Industrial facilities with a lot of dust
  • Clean room facilities

6. HEPA with Hazardous Material: HEPA-filtrations vacuum designed for hazardous material abatement are explosion-proof vacuums that provide HEPA filtration wherever explosive and hazardous materials are present. External shakers clear filters of clogs. These vacuums can be found in:

  • Baking and snack facilities
  • Industrial facilities with a lot of dust
  • Coal processing applications

Consider the Attachments

Remember to consider the attachments available when selecting a HEPA-filtration vacuum. Many industrial HEPA-filtration vacuums come with attachments and accessories that can customize the vacuum’s capabilities to specific needs. Select a vacuum with the needed attachments and accessories included. Many manufacturers require customers to purchase attachments separately.

Next Steps

To capture the full benefit of a HEPA industrial vacuum, the base vacuum and its performance features must also match the application’s needs. Simply buying an off-the-shelf HEPA vacuum is probably not going to deliver the desired results.

HEPA industrial vacuums play a vital role in facility safety, compliance and in keeping indoor air quality high. As a leading vacuum cleaner company, Goodway offers a wide selection of industrial HEPA vacuum cleaners with incredible filtration performance that can be configured to meet the unique, small-particle filtering demands of any facility – with vacuums that can remove particles as small as 0.3 microns. Goodway Vacuum Experts can partner with building operations, plant and facility managers to identify the best HEPA-filtration vacuum cleaner for their facilities’ unique needs.

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