Commercial Pressure Washer Buying Guide: Which one is right for the job?

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How to Choose the Right Commercial Pressure Washer

It is critical to find the best commercial pressure washer for your job. The wrong choice could result in a pressure washer that is underpowered, or a solution that just disappoints.
The first place to start when choosing the right pressure washer is to ask yourself these questions:
  • Focus on the application. What are the exact needs that you will be using the pressure washer for?
  • Consider the work environment. Will you need it to be ultra-portable, or will it be used in a specific area? Is air power important? Gas, electric?
  • Will you be using cleaning chemicals?
  • What specialty accessories will you need?

Focus on the Application

The cleaning capabilities of industrial pressure washers are diverse. Pressure is required for each application in order to break the bond between dirt and the area it is adhered to. High-quality pressure nozzles and wands can blast away dirt, grime, and tough stains and quickly clean various surface types.

Some applications Pressure washers are best for include:

  • Sidewalk cleaning
  • Gum removal
  • Industrial kitchens
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Plate and frame heat exchangers
  • General cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Water and mud stain removal

There is extensive use of pressure washers in almost every industrial sector. The following industries can thrive with the right pressure washer:

  • Airports

Airports utilize large pressure washers to clean runways of rubber and paint deposits to enhance the safety of arriving and departing aircraft. Airport workers also use smaller pressure washers to maintain service vehicle cleanliness in addition to other general cleaning applications.

  • Municipalities

Municipalities rely on pressure washers and knowledge of chemistry to keep a handle on graffiti removal and control. Municipal workers also use pressure washers to keep vehicle fleets clean. These fleets include police, fire, emergency vehicles, buses, and trucks. Pressure washers are also used to clean and restore local statues and monuments. Recently, pressure washers were used to clean the gigantic faces on Mount Rushmore.

  • Food & Beverage Industry

Cleanliness is the watchword in the food and beverage industry. Both hot and cold water pressure washers are used extensively to maintain the property, plant, and food equipment. Pressure washers are used daily to clean vats, mixers, packaging equipment, cutting and blending equipment, etc. Can you imagine what a job it must have been to keep a food plant clean using all manual methods?

  • Boats & Marinas

Go to any marina or boatyard and you’re sure to see pressure washers being used to clean boat bottoms of marine growth such as barnacles and algae. Pressure washers fitted with wet sandblasting attachments are also popular for preparing metal surfaces for painting.

  • Buildings

Owners of commercial and residential buildings use pressure washers to clean awnings, siding, windows, loading docks, trash containers, and basically, anything that gets dirty. Pressure washers can also be fitted with special hoses and nozzles for power to act as drain cleaners to prevent blockages. Pressure washers are like computers today – how did we ever get along without them?

Consider the Work Environment

Gas or electric? Gas-powered washers are typically the most powerful. Some models even provide supreme portability as well as heavy-duty maintenance and rugged outdoor work. In contrast, electric power washers can be small, compact, and ready to handle lighter cleaning tasks, whether inside or outside.

Gas Powered

For maximum cleaning power in remote locations where there is no electrical hookup, gas-powered industrial pressure washers, like the GPW-4000-G Gasoline Powered Cold Water Pressure Washer is the perfect selection. This all-purpose heavy-duty pressure washer blasts dirt and grime with 4000 PSI of cleaning power, features a 1.7-gallon fuel tank, and includes a heavy-duty cart that can hold up to 2 gallons of cleaning solution for a longer running time. For best results, use APC-100 All-Purpose Cleaner – our biodegradable grease emulsifier that is specifically designed for use with high-pressure washers.

  • Rugged design and gas-powered convenience
  • Works great on sidewalks, crevices and for gum removal
  • Five quick-connect nozzles to match different applications
  • Can use hot water for additional cleaning power
  • Soap siphon tube for easy injection of chemicals


Electric Powered

If you don’t have to take your pressure washer far distances, or in very harsh environments, then electric pressure washers are a great choice. The Goodway GPW-1200 Portable Hi-Pressure Washer is our finest portable, carry-around heavy-duty unit that was specially designed for easily transporting up ladders, stairs and into tight locations. This compact, high-performance industrial pressure washer blasts away dirt, grime and debris with 1200 PSI of cleaning power at 1.8 GPM and also offers just the right amount of water power to clean a wide variety of applications – from cleaning industrial kitchens to fulfilling general cleaning duties with ease.

  • Stainless steel construction for long life
  • For cleaning on rooftops, ceiling HVAC drip pans and more
  • Variable pressure nozzles to better match your application
  • Can use hot water for additional cleaning power
  • Soap siphon container for easier injection of chemicals


Let Chemicals and Hot Water Do The Hard Work

Make use of the chemical cleaner for extra assistance in removing tough stains and deposits. Mix chemicals with hot water and you have an unstoppable team. Hot water cleaning lowers the surface tension of water as the cleaning solution melts chemical bonds down like butter, for easier, faster deposit removal. It also cuts cleaning time in half – cutting through grease and loosening stuck food on contact. It’s a proven fact that increasing water temperatures by 10 degrees doubles the reaction rate and cleans applications up to two times faster. In fact, hot water cleaning is so efficient, that in some cases, deposits can be completely removed with water pressure alone.

Accessorize Your Pressure Washer

Why not broaden your pressure washing cleaning capabilities by connecting a few convenient nozzles and attachments? Accessories and special pressure washer additions give you more control of water pressure, streaming patterns, and functionality, for faster and greater cleaning results.

  • GPW-SBA-40 Sandblaster – is a versatile, wet sandblasting attachment that you simply attach to the wand, but the intake hose into a supply of sand, and fire away
  • A universal swivel – is a directional attachment for more gun flexibility when cleaning gutters and tight spaces
  • Drain cleaning attachment – turns into a drain cleaner for sinks and slower drains – for cleaning drain lines, or pipes with IDs up to 6”
  • Hot water option – is for thorough cleaning and removal of tough, greasy stains
  • Hose reel – is convenient in industrial and rugged environments that require extra strength equipment and extended the reach of applications
  • PWNT-0040 Turbo Nozzle – is a pinpoint nozzle with a floating head that spins at 3000 RPM for wider coverage of large cleaning areas



Stick to these four questions and you’ll be pressure washing grim away in no time:

  • Focus on the application. What are the exact needs that you will be using the pressure washer for?
  • Consider the work environment. Will you need it to be ultra-portable, or will it be used in a specific area? Is air power important? Gas, electric?
  • Will you be using cleaning chemicals?
  • What specialty accessories will you need?

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