7 Steps to Better Cooling Tower Descaling

cooling tower descaling

When it comes to Cooling Tower Descaling consider using a unique ultra cling formula that finds the mineral scale and dissolves it on contact. A descaler with low viscosity and an acidic base will adhere to and descale mineral deposits from cooling tower fill or other vertical surfaces. Here are some quick steps to include in your cooling tower descaling service.

1. Turn off all water treatment chemicals, pH & conductivity meters

Once the descaler is added to the basin, it will give false readings to these devices, and in turn, they will try to make corrections to the system. You do not want a blowdown of the system initiated where the descaler will be needlessly purged out. It is equally important to shut off or disconnect any non-chemical systems, especially alternating high-frequency electric types, as leaving this technology can cause unintended damage to the unit during cleaning.

2. Close the Make-up Water Valve to the Basin

If possible, lower the water volume of the basin, but be cautious that you avoid cavitation of the pump. This action will minimize the dilution level of your ScaleBreak once in the system and allow it to dissolve the scale deposits faster.

3. Remove Debris from Basin

If the basin contains loose scale or debris, it is good to remove it before a descaling. This can be accommodated by utilizing our Cooling Tower Vacuum (CTV), so the descaler is not needlessly wasted on these deposits.

4. Turn Fan Off

If possible, turn off the fan during the duration of your cleaning. It is possible that the foam generated as a result of the ScaleBreak dissolving the scale could be sucked up and blown out the top.

5. Add Descaling Chemical to Basin

Slowly start to add the prescribed amount of descaler to the water in the basin, preferably on the opposite side of the pump suction. This action will allow the descaler to dilute first with the water.

Descaling with ScaleBreak®

If you have a heavily scaled unit, add 25% of the recommended amount, wait 20 minutes and add the next 25%. Follow this procedure until all the ScaleBreak® is in the system. If you encounter a substantial foaming reaction, you can wait 30-45 minutes or until the foaming subsides to controllable amounts before adding more ScaleBreak®. Defoamers are not recommended as the foaming can be controlled by minimizing the overall concentration of ScaleBreak® within the system.

Learn more about our ScaleBreak® products.

6. Check PH Levels in the Basin

Upon completing the cleaning, shut off the pump and check the pH of the cleaning solution in your basin. Though some descalers are biodegradable solutions, most facilities need to conform to pH discharge limits. 

If you need to neutralize your remaining solution, shut off the tower pump and add a neutralizer to the basin. Once the solution meets your release limit, the basin can be drained. Caution: do not run the neutralizer through the entire system as the dissolved scale solids can fall out of suspension upon a quick elevation of the pH value.

7. Vacuum Debris out of Basin

After the cleaning, if some heavy debris were released and is now in the bottom of the basin, you can utilize our Cooling Tower Vacuum (CTV) to vacuum this debris out.

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