6 Steps to Cooling Tower Disinfection

cooling tower

Inspect monthly

Examine surfaces for sediment, scale, and biofilm – commonly known as slime. Overall system cleanliness minimizes the buildup that provides food and shelter for LDB – the slime and scale where they thrive and multiply.

Clean tower basin regularly

Clean the basin when slime, scale, and sediment are visible. Remove these solids and microorganisms, and eliminate the bacteria’s food and hiding places. Some of our customers clean monthly to keep them ahead of contaminants. Goodway’s powerful TowerVac® makes it easy to clean frequently. It effectively removes impurities from your system while it’s online – there’s no need to drain the system or shut it down. Our compatible F2 filter system scrubs the wastewater and returns it to the cooling tower to minimize water and chemical loss.

Implement a water treatment schedule

Work with a qualified water treatment contractor to develop a custom water treatment program for your cooling towers. This will include using a variety of treatments, including biocides, that will help manage Legionella outbreaks. Water treatment is essential for managing cooling tower health; however, it cannot keep cooling towers clean and clear of biological and scale buildup alone.

Clean the towers fill

Clean dirty, crusty, scale-filled cooling tower fill with Goodway’s TFC-200. Use this all-in-one system with our ScaleBreak®-Gel descaling solution to effectively remove scale, increase water flow and control the growth of mold, mildew, and dangerous biological buildup in your cooling system.

Maintain low water temperature

OSHA recommends water temperatures be kept at or below 20°C (68°F) to minimize LDB colonization.

Don’t forget side-arm and dead-let piping

These provide a haven for bacteria colonization. Eliminate stagnant water areas in your system, or be sure to clean them frequently.

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