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Tools for Unblocking Commercial Drains

One of the most common causes of clogged floor drains is mop water, which contains a substantial amount of contaminants. With weekly and even daily mopping of floors in some warehouses and storage facilities, sludge and solids can accumulate over time and eventually cause a drain clog. Manufacturing floors can also see a large build-up of discarded scraps and packaging material, much of which will eventually find its way down the floor drains. Consistent, periodic maintenance is recommended to keep drains in their optimal operating condition.

Clothes Washing Operations

Livery cleaning services, dry cleaners, and coin-operated laundries produce an extremely high volume of liquids that contain soaps, chemicals, hair, and other random solids, all of which place high demands on a drainage system. The cost of a blockage, both in terms of financial costs and customer service, can be enormous. So proper preventative maintenance of these drainage systems is critical.

Health Clubs and Recreational Facilities

Health and fitness clubs, campgrounds, and day-use recreation areas require properly functioning sink and floor drains for dependable operation of showers, bathrooms, locker rooms, and outdoor faucets. The combination of dirt, hair, sand, food, mop water, and soap creates ideal conditions for a drain clog. Also, consider urinals and toilets to back up and introduce human waste and unsanitary bacteria into the floor drain.


Hospitals and many healthcare facilities require the professional use of a cable auger to ensure proper drain cleaning. Sterile conditions in hospitals are critical to the success of patient treatment and recovery. For this reason, drain cleaning is important in any hospital maintenance plan. Regular monitoring and remediation of drain problems is a necessity to head off any blockage problems. Drain cleaning ensures that stagnant water, a breeding ground for germs and water contamination, is minimized.

Drain cleaning will eliminate flushed materials, tree roots, and deposit buildup from the drainage system. These blockages often lead to slow-draining drains and may ultimately result in flooding. Both can be remediated through drain cleaning, which restores the flow of water.

Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens face unique challenges in drain cleaning. In addition to common blockages like dirt, tree roots, etc., these kitchens also have fat, oil, and grease drainage, compounding problem build-ups. Staff in commercial kitchens needs to pay attention to their drainage systems’ functioning. In fact, it is not uncommon for commercial kitchens to perform prophylactic drain cleaning to prevent clogs before they happen.

Kitchen floor drains get dirty over time when dust, food, fat, oil, grease, and debris enter the drains along with dirty water. Also, sinks often overflow, resulting in more contaminants being forced down floor drains. This environment causes bacteria growth and corrosion, emphasizing the need for routine drain cleaning.


Hotels’ drain systems experience a high volume of activity, which increases the likelihood that blockage issues will arise. Repeated maximization of drain capacity puts a strain on the system, increasing the possibility that flooding and/or poor drainage may occur. Therefore, the hotel staff must have a preemptive drain cleaning program.

Drain cleaning must be done often before flooding occurs and damages carpets, floors, and ceilings. Another area of concern for many hotels is the basement. Here, there are usually many storage areas, water heaters, laundry services, and central air conditioners. Drain cleaning can prevent the buildup of large quantities of lint and bacteria that crystallize in the long drainpipe located in the basement.


Schools also face unique challenges in maintaining optimum drainage capacity. Frequent bathroom visits by students and cafeterias’ drainage needs demand a well-operating drainage system, ensured by frequent drain cleaning. Student toilets often overflow due to overstuffing, flushing of foreign objects, and running water. Quick drain cleaning fixes like plunging are not a long-term solution. The use of chemical drain cleaning is also not practical for an environment used mostly by children.

Goodway’s Custom Designed Commercial Drain Unblockers

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