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The right mix of tools and processes delivers crucial maintenance ROI for commercial and industrial HVAC companies — we’ve known that for years. But any other maintenance-intensive industry can also benefit by deploying top gear as well as using a little bit of savvy and the most effective methods.

For instance, take Rexnord Corp.’s seal factory’s maintenance success. Eight Goodway VAC-2 industrial vacuums have boosted the factory’s operational efficiency — and these vacuums haven’t had to be service or replaced in three years.

Want some details? Rexnord Corp. is one of the many organizations featured on our new customer case studies and testimonials pages hosted on the revamped website.

Keep reading to see if your company’s use case is included:


  1. Commercial & Industrial HVAC: Goodway’s array of tube cleaners and other products have led the HVAC industry for a half century. There’s proof: Take, for example, the $20,000 in fuel consumption savings realized in just one year on board the Chautauqua Belle, a historic steam paddle boat. Taking raw untreated water into the boiler was contaminating the tubes and reducing performance efficiency. By using Goodway’s GDS-C40 Scale Removal System, the boiler now runs at peak and the crew easily maintains it as if it were new.
  2. Power Generation: Goodway’s broad set of tube cleaner products is field-tested for top results. One leading national coal-fired power plant that had thousands of tubes to maintain found that relying on old-fashion cleaning guns and processes was time-consuming and unsafe. The management turned to Goodway’s lightweight BSL-50 Big Shot air-assisted gun. Its power improved safety and reduced the manpower and hours needed to maintain the plant.
  3. Food & Beverage Processing Maintenance Equipment: Goodway offers top-notch dry vapor cleaning and sanitizing technologies for packaging machinery, production lines, and more. A large baking company had difficulties preventing mold (from water and yeast) on its conveyor belts. The company installed Goodway’s GVC-18000 Heavy-Duty Vapor Steam Cleaner and Portable Jet System. Together, these safely clean and sanitize the production belt without damaging any gear. When deployed together, this system eradicates all mold, as proven again and again by rigorous swab tests.
  4. Facility Maintenance: Goodway’s line of innovative and powerful maintenance gear enables the successful industry-standard upkeep of a variety of equipment such as chiller tube cleaners, boiler cleaners, and more. Rexnord Corporation’s seal factory operations produced large volumes of chips and other debris. These required removal by traditional shop vacuums. However, these single-motor vacuums had to be replaced frequently because of oil contact and other routine wear. Rexnord turned to the Goodway VAC-2 industrial vacuum that features among a variety of industry-leading improvements a protective interior design that preserves its motor. Rexnord’s eight vacuums have been in constant operation for three years — without having to be replaced or serviced. This has enabled the company to operate more efficiently.
  5. Maritime & Offshore: Goodway’s products enable the maintenance of ships, facilities, and other assets that face the special demands of marine/coastal operations. A Florida-based electrical utility’s operations relied on an ocean water stream that was regularly contaminated by mussels and other marine organisms. This compromised the quality of the water feed to the condensers, forcing repeated unplanned shutdowns so the tubes could be cleaned. However, after installing Goodway Macro Tube filters, the plant eliminated the debris from the water feed. The high water quality levels eliminated unplanned outages and extended run times.

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